The Quarterdeck on Cordova Road in Fort Lauderdale is one of our favorite restaurants though we were a little disappointed with the way they redecorated the west booths. :O) The food is good and the managers care.
I haven’t been down to Dania Beach in years and we decided to go to the newest branch of the restaurant.
The Quarterdeck is at the beginning of the pier, mostly over the ocean providing some of the best restaurant views in South Florida. It was great looking over the ocean and at the sky plus let’s not forget the ‘eye candy’.
We both had the Jambalaya which is always good and except for Allen’s rice being a little drier than it usually is I found it interesting his was served in a square plate and mine, with pasta, was served in a round plate—never noticed that before. Wonder if they do that all the time–will have to be more observant the next time.
With Allen’s soda ($2.59) and my coffee (1.99) along with the 2 Jambalaya’s at $12.99 each–only $10.99 on Fridays–plus $1.05 tax and a $6.00 tip, the  check came to $38.00.
The setting of the new Quarterdeck on the ocean makes it a great new place to eat. I prefer eating inside but the outside tables with wide umbrellas looks very comfortable.


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