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Things had really turned around. My birthday had been a hit, I was looking good, I had a small, but nice, apartment, I was working in a job I liked and was making money. Yes I was still having problems with my car and charging the repairs just as I was charging the dental work being done but I was paying cash for almost everything else which certainly was a change. The only fly in the ointment was the day I was called down to the office and was informed that my rent had gone up over $100 a month and that I owed $999 for November to March!  I don’t know what I said or did but after talking to Janice, who was in charge of apartment residents at the time, I was able to get that debt down in half plus I told her since my rent is based on what I make I would have to submit my income each month so I don’t end up owing so much money at one time. It drove me crazy that the more I worked the more money I made andthemore rent I had to pay. I was paying an extra $100 a month just to work.

One thing though that was to my advantage is that after you have lived here for a year you could put your name on a list for a larger 1 bedroom apartment for when it became available.  It would take 4 years but I have now lived in the larger apartment for 9 years and paying less rent because I am not working–but more about that later. The good thing is that when a new administrator took over 3-4 years ago that advantage was taken away and people who move into a studio apartment are stuck there no matter what rent they pay.  Again, more about that later!

In  May I had a major car problem which cost me only $398 plus rental car plus I had to get a new transmission. At the end of the month I had to bring it in again and the note in my diary says, “picked up car–only $1022–between this and last week and rental cars it only cost me $1,541.68 but I did pay cash for the rentals!” These ‘onlys’ were adding up and most was going on credit cards.

Still going to theatre–saw Jim Bailey starring as Bette Davis in “Jezebel and Me” which was really bad but then I did go see the movie “Gladiator” which was a winner! Nancy was in town and we, including Gino, went to Catfish Dewey’s (still open) for dinner. Idid see a note saying I took  a $3000 advance on a credit card to pay off all my other credit cards.

I was just working weekends and doing the whole theatre, movies and eating at restaurants thing and began putting a little weight on. I started going to the pool to swim an hour every day which helped. The thing I was going crazy with, as I saw I did it again, was to take cash advances to pay off other credit cards. Jim, Bob, Gino and I went to the China Bowl (open) for dinner and then the White-Willis Theatre that Dorothy opened in Tamarac to see her production of “I’m Not Rappaport”.  I was still smoking a couple of cartons a week, going to the Indian reservation, and was floored that they had gone up to $10 a carton!



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