Most action movies ask you to leave your logic at the door but “Fast and Furious 6” also asks you to check your brains there–if you really want to enjoy it. Having never seen the other 5 chapters I don’t know if the crashed car count has been as high in this one but there is no way you can keep count of how many go flying, turn over, crash into others along with other ways to end a cars life. You just have to laugh out loud at how the good guys and gals do all sorts of crazy things with their cars and then just drive off as if nothing happened.


Two of the wildest people scenes are when a guys is twisted every which way and he then sits down and starts working on a computer and the other has to be seen showing two people going through the air for many feet, crash onto the windshield break it and walk away without a scratch! The audience just hooted and hollered.


There is somewhat of a plot but you know what will happen as soon as you see the villain with his pencil thin mustache, Luke Evans as Owen Shaw, who wants to dominate the world. His main competition for screen time are the huge arms of  Dwayne Johnson which almost seem reluctant to make room for anyone or anything else  in one scene after another. The cast is more than up to what is required of them in the acting department with Michelle Rodriguez believable as Letty who has amnesia, Chris Bridges and Tyrese Gibson bringing what intentional humor there is in the screenplay by Chris Morgan, though there is a lot more unintentional humor, along with Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Sung Kang and the rest of the actors.


Justin Lin directed the film, with a lot of help from special effects, handling cars, airplanes and a tank with the ease of the  director photographer, Stephen F. Windon, going around the world. There are chases in London, among many other major cities, starting with 2 cars twisting and turning down a mountain road in the Canary Islands. In “7” he really should put the bad guys/women in black and the good guys/women in white because there are many hand to hand fight scenes that it is hard to tell who is who, not that it makes a difference. Also there is supposedly a HUGE surprise near the end that really doesn’t surprise anyone as it is sort of just thrown away. I thought the music might be a problem after the pounding beat when the movie started but soon the crashes were too loud and too muchto hear any music.


Check your logic, and brains, at the door and go see “Fast And Furious 6” for movie magic! Yes they really do walk away without a scratch after crashing into the windshield.

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