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I & 2 was sitting at the computer doing some writing and had the TV on when all of a sudden I turned around and decided to redecorate the room. I really wanted to put the sofa-bed on the wall opposite the windows, between the kitchen and hallway to bathroom and bedroom but it was just a little too long. I put it under the window and moved the table and chairs against that wall. Whereas I use to move every 5 years now I start redecorating my place every 5 years! LOL

3 A & B The Dollar Tree flower seeds are doing great but so far no beets (3 A) and no turnips (3 B) so far–I am not giving up—yet!

4 I don’t know if other cities are doing what Fort Lauderdale has recently started doing–they cover their electric and water meter boxes with various scenes adding to the neighborhood. The one above (picture #4) is near the downtown garage across from the Broward Performing Arts Center and it is a map of the downtown area. Right now they are just doing it in the center of the city but hopefully they will spread out. It is a lot more colorful than plain green or gray metal boxes.

Hope everyone is having a great day.  We are breaking record temperatures with it going up between 90-94 degrees but the humidity isn’t too bad. The sun is out and the sky is clear while there is a cool breeze from the ocean.



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