“The Internship” runs for 118 minutes and if you walk in at the the 90 minute mark you will leave feeling good and not feel as if you had missed anything as to up that mark you know the movie and what is going to happen.


“The Internship is a full blown love letter to Google and will make you want to work there starting tomorrow.  Who wouldn’t want to work in a place where all the food you want to eat and drink is free, you can go from one floor down to another using a slide and one place to another with free bikes not to forget the nap-pods if you want a quick snooze?


Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson) find themselves, unexpectedly, out of work and Billy comes across information that Google will be hiring internships for the summer. As hard as 20 year old smart college graduates finds it getting a job men in their mid-40s have it rougher. The film is about the older generation competing with the younger Internet whizzes and you know who is going to teach what to whom. Billy and Nick find themselves in a team consisting of 3 other interns (Tiya Sircar, Tobit Raphael and Dylan O’Brien) supervised by a Google kid, more than man, Josh Brener, who must come in number 1 in order to get the internship.  There are many teams who want to win, one in particular  lead by a bully played by actor Max Minghella, that looks like they will win.


Spoilers? Not really! You know who will win, who will get their comeuppance and who will wind up with workaholic  executive Rose Byrne just as you know who will win the competition. It is a Hollywood ending which will leave you smiling and that is the purpose of this movie. The serious issues of old versus young, nerds versus feel good salesmen and how hard it is to get a job for any generation in today’s world.


“The Internship” is rated PG-13 for the expected language, crude party humor along with some sexuality but none as bad as it could have been. The direction by Shawn Levy and the screenplay by Vince Vaughn and Jared Stern along with most of the other production values are pedestrian.


San Francisco, along with the Golden Gate bridge, are made to shine but not as brightly as the Google headquarters inside and out and all the perks that go along with working at/for Google.


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