I have been going to Kilwin’s on Los Olas for over 19 years–usually for dessert after a meal at one of the restaurants on the Boulevard. When we came out of 101 Ocean on Commercial Boulevard we immediately went to Kilwin’s about a half a block away.
This Kilwin’s is about twice the width of the Los Olas store and has more mementos around but, most important, their wide choices of homemade ice cream, fudges, yogurts  and  gelatos were the major eye catchers of the store.
The young lady behind the counter offered us tastes of any fudges and ice cream flavors that we wanted–who needed to order anything? ME!
As much as I love experimenting with flavors when I am faced with dozens of different flavors of ice cream I go for plain old fashioned vanilla and theirs is as smooth as it comes.
I had it in a waffle cone with the top covered in chocolate which was delicious until three quarters of the way down when it became very hard and almost–almost–inedible. I had no doubt the lady who was serving me would have given me a new one without question.
As far as I know Kilwin’s was the first ice cream shop in Fort Lauderdale while now there seems to be a new one on every corner. About the only one that gives them competition in taste is Yo Mama’s on Sunrise Lane off the Fort Lauderdale beach.
$6.10 for an ice cream cone still gives me sticker shock but this is worth it as a treat once in a very rare while!!

Take a look at their web site–no, you won’t gain weight by looking!


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