I feel as if I do a post like this at least once a year as an explanation for many things. Let me explain that I blog/post at 11 different web sites–many times I will just repeat what I said here to 4-5 others but I, also, blog, post and comment at gay sites where different subjects are voiced than on nongay sites. Then there are movie sites, theatre sites, facebook and other sites.

What I have found out is that there are 2, at least, people at EACH site who assume that I am talking about them when I am writing something negative–if I say someone in mentally ill they just know I am talking about them when I don’t waste my time thinking of them let alone talk about them. There are those who say I am passive-aggressive when I don’t name names and all I can think of is why when I have no respect for someone should I mention their names.  I just recently advised a young gay man who asked for advice–he got very angry because I didn’t say what he wanted to hear–I have come across quite a few people who react that way–when I give advice no where am I saying “YOU HAVE TO DO THIS!” I am talking from what I have experienced and the results–I put it out to you and you can read, poo-poo it or curse me out–the latter is usually what is as done as was the case with the young man!

I don’t know how many hundreds of times I have said it but I have never and will never block someone–anyone can read whatever I have to say BUT I do control the delete key and will delete certain comments or, without even reading the comment, will delete certain posters. Some get the hint and have stopped commenting on my posts–fine with me. Others save ALL MY POSTS AND COMMENTS which I find very funny.

I have been called a troll because I have asked certain posters to prove what they are posting as ‘facts’ and they block me–I find that funny. A few years ago (ask one of my stalkers! LOL) I posted my political party affiliation and I have to laugh when those assumers think they know how I vote because I won’t stand by to see the POTUS called demeaning names–and I will do that for any president of any party!

I use to be more forgiving but as I get older I am not–if for any reason I don’t trust someone or feel they have betrayed me (by my standards) they won’t ever get a second chance with me. Until I find otherwise I will do everything and anything for someone if I can.

My life is an open book–and in a way that is a pun as I have had 8 books published which 2 are all about me–recently I have posted what I feel will be my last book and if someone didn’t know all about me they can just read the 7 Decades series which I hope I will get published next year after editing, rewriting and adding the X rated parts. LOL

My only fault–IF I have one :O)–is that I believe in myself and, yes, I love myself! I am one of those who boast about being blocked by a slew of people–with very few exceptions they are Right Wing Conservative Republican c (small c)hristians, of which I am neither–I am a gay, old poor Jewish man who is absolutely in love with life and, ironically, again, many people assume my political affiliation because of that definition of me but no one knows the facts.

 I do not read “friends only’ posts as I don’t send requests for friends–seriously I have never understood why such requests are made and I have asked many times but never get a good answer–I really think it started with Facebook as a status symbol. And why do people post on a public blog site if they don’t want people to read it? Why don’t they just send e-mails to each other?

Last, but not least, I kept diaries for over 60 years (and I have filled closets with them) but when I started blogging on the Internet I found a new diary! I write to keep track of where I have been, what I am doing, my thoughts, my feelings–in other words I blog for me. I think it is great when people read and respond but there are sites where I haven’t gotten responses in years but I have reasons for posting at these sites.

I just have one question–why do those of you who block me read my posts? Well 2 questions–why do those of you who supposedly don’t like me keep on talking about me year after year? Okay, third and last question–why would anyone save my posts, comments, e-mails, etc.?

I’ve heard that blogging as we know it today won’t exist in a few years–wonder how I will be keeping a record of my last years?  OOOOPS! Another question–I have so many!


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