There is a  cactus plant near building C that is supposedly a ‘night blooming cactus’ and for 14 years I have been trying to catch it in bloom!!! I want to see how pretty they really are, what color and do they have the aroma that wikipedia talks about –http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nightblooming_cereus

During the day they have big pods looking about to blossom but I haven’t caught them in the act yet!! I have been there late at night plus early in the morning before the sun comes up but all I see is this ugly. black, wilted, dead thing hanging down when the sun comes up! I have been there at midnight and 5 in the morning–nothing, nada, zero, zip!

Now all our Hibiscus plants bloom during the day and by sunset they are closing up and dying just as the yellow Cuban plants flowers only last  until sunset but at least I get to see them.

I am NOT giving up!!!  I may have to set up a camera all night or slip the security guard a couple of dollars to take a picture if he catches it in bloom or call me when the bud opens.

I am going to have to have a talk with Mother Nature!!!

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