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Mother Nature never stops astounding me with what she is capable of doing! Giving birth is one of the most amazing feats in the world and when it comes to birds I experienced it for the first time when Jill decided to breed her budgie with the one her mother had. I was to go through it a couple of years later having success–TOO MUCH!!–with my zebra finches.

On September 20, 2003, Jill’s budgie laid 7 eggs. I had told her I would like two and she said as soon as they were weaned and knew how to fly I could get them. On the 21st two had hatched but from what I can tell in the pictures one of the eggs didn’t survive.  I honestly don’t remember how many did survive but by October there seems to be only 3. My two, which I would eventually call Leader  (male) and Spitfire (female), did okay from the beginning. Leader was hatched September 19 and made his first flight October 20 while Spitfire was hatched on September 23rd and took her first flight on October 23rd.

I went out on September 28th to a bird show and bought an extra large cage. I had heard/read stories about birds being territorial, fighting over perches, food cups and where they rested so I decided on the extra big cage and not putting Butch and Sky in there until I got Leader and Spitfire and would put all 4 in at the same time. On November 15, 2003, Jill brought the 2 eight week old babies over. I put all 4 in the new cage and there weren’t any problems. All 4 got along, flew around together and seemed to have bonded without any blood shed which made me happy!

I did a lot of things one wasn’t suppose to do with birds such as putting their cage in front of a window but that never caused a problem.

The one thing I had been worried about when I first got Butch and Sky was the problem of them waking me up in the morning as birds do get up early–whether there was a worm to catch or not! From the very beginning I would cover their cage when I went to sleep and not uncover it until I got up and they both followed my routine not making a peep (sorry for the pun) until I would get up and take the cover off. Both Spitfire and Leader fell into the routine from day one!

It looked like the birds and I would have a new home in the new year as I got notice from the office that a larger one bedroom on the top floor of building D would be available as soon as it was cleaned up, painted and made ready. I would be moving in on January 23, 2004 and my Leap Year birthday was coming up the next month. All things looked good!

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