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Of 8 books(and 1 play) I have had published my favorite is “The Free Prisoner” which I wrote the first few months of 2004 and was published  at the end of the year. I sent out 12 copies to friends and 12 to critics. I wonder where those 24 books are now?!!? In any case I am still getting royalties, (wish I knew who was buying it), $1.08 last month! LOL And I have to pay tax and report it to Gateway so they can get their share. At the end of 2005 my book “Letting It All Hang Out: Commentaries, Musings and Essays From An Old(er), Poor, Gay Man” was published. I wasn’t that  aware of blogging yet though I had posted a few what was called ‘articles’ and basically the book are all blogs but if anyone wants to know about me all I have to do is tell them to read this!

By the way my favorite short story was published in a book in 1995, called “My First Time” and, yes, it was about that!


I don’t know/remember the first time I met Allen but the first mention I have of him in my diary is December 19, 2004 “Jill, Allen, Jim, Bob and I went to see “Art” at the Mosiac Theatre (closed) and then Sweet Tomatoes (open) afterwards.”  I do know he started to come over to the Wednesday afternoon sessions before that but it was awhile before  the Wednesday lunch, Thursday food shopping and Friday movie day became part of our weekly routine. More about Allen and me in part 30B


The year started off with a few good movies in January like “Hotel Rwanda”, “Sideways” and “The Woodsman.” Gino and I went to see “The Great American Follies” with Robert Morse and Kitty Carlisle (ask your grandmother!) at the Parker Playhouse and The Cheesecake Factory after. The next night Gino and I had dinner at the Lone Star Restaurant (closed) and a movie while the next day after taking me to the dentist Anita and I went to Big Louie’s for lunch! The following weekend Robert, James, Allen, Jill and I went once again to the Mosiac Theatre where we saw “The Memory of Water” and to Too-Jay’s Deli (open) and the month ended with seeing Hillary Swank in “Million Dollar Baby” and then to the Red Star Tavern, where, finally, they had the carrot cake, which is so tall a piece it towers over an iced tea glass. The constants in my life whether going good or bad are: eating out, restaurants, movies, theatres and, yes, sex.


Life was going along smoothly with the birds adding a lot of fun to my life. The first time I let out the finches I learned not to do it again. They are very small and get in the tightest places not to mention they are swift and I am glad there wasn’t a camera to watch me trying to catch them–but, eventually, I did. The baby budgies were doing great and getting along with the rest of the birds.

It was a good time in my life and I didn’t see anything ahead to change that for me so, obviously, I still had a lot to learn.

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