Was walking around Gateway and saw this beautiful lilly in bloom and the buds on top ready to bloom–by the way it looks like the night cactus is done blooming! The blue flowers are on my walkway–them and the marigolds are from March when I bought and planted The Dollar Tree store seeds.

Now on to the subject of this post–a rant by an old man. LOL

“You are as young as you feel.”  “Age is just a number.” Or other such stupid platitudes that are pure bull. (Your body knows a lot better!)

“Some of my best friends are…” How condescending that is to whomever you are talking about. Some blogger–I really don’t remember who–mentioned that they have a black friend and don’t see their color! Then why mention he is black. Or the one who talks about all their gay friends as if they should get a medal for being so liberal. And, of course, we have all heard “Some of my best friends are Jewish” or women or democrats or Latin or whatever. If they are your friend why do you feel the need to point out their race, religion, gender, social or economic status, etc? To make yourself feel better???

“Gay friendly”–I don’t want to hear a person, a group or a business is ‘gay friendly’–if they are they would be voting to help gay people achieve equality–if they were they would be donating to gay groups–if they were they wouldn’t be telling gay jokes that degrade gay people–if they were they would be signing partitions, walking in marches, not tolerating negative things about gay people. Don’t talk about being gay friendly–show you are by DOING something.

“Christians are being put down”–maybe if christians would follow your religion, would not pick and choose from the bible, not be so hateful to others, would stop the name calling, just for a start, people wouldn’t be ‘against them’. I know a few Christians but most posts I read  are by christians–and there is a big difference.

I would be very happy if I NEVER hear or read a curse word again. I know them all and as a  gay, Jewish boy in the Bronx was called quite a few of them. (At least I don’t hear the Jewish “K” word too much these days.) There isn’t a day that I don’t come on the Internet to read blogs that I don’t see negative gay terms written by nongay people. Are nongay people so insecure that a gay person threatens their way of life, will end their marriage–and it is not only males (who think all gay men want them LOL) but females, too.  The “F” word is used so often in the movies today it isn’t shocking. And why do people, mostly young kids (to show how grown up they aren’t? It only makes them sound more childish) use the word in blog titles and/or in blogs?

“If you really love me you would—-” Hey, if you really loved me you wouldn’t ask me to do something that I don’t want to do!

“Can I ask you a question?” Ask the question–I have the right to answer it or not. Next time you ask me that I will say “NO!”

“You’re next.”  (Duh!)

“Yes, but…” That’s really a game you should stop playing.

“Thank you, but…” Accept the compliment–no ‘but’.

“This line is faster.”

And those are just a few–what statements annoy you??? :O)


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