It never stops surprising me how life can ‘turn on a dime!The week didn’t start out good with dental problems and then unknown, yet, problems resulting in my having to take 2 MRIs (which I hate and have not been able to get through before!) and an ultra scan which is a snap! And then…

Yesterday I got an e-mail saying that I had won 2 tickets to a performance at Bailey Hall at Broward college to see “Spamalot”. I immediately confirmed my win! Every summer all the Fort Lauderdale theatres get together and the public has a chance to win tickets to see a play. You choose 3 shows, in the order you want to see them, and if available you win them. The only show I hadn’t seen on tour or another venue was “Spamalot” and that will be next Saturday evening.

Then the icing on the cake was today I got a great letter from the owner of Cafe Vico thanking me profusely for mentioning his restaurant so often and being so positive that he would like me and a guest (Mmmm–wonder who I can ask? And would they want to go? LOL) to come to dinner whenever I wanted and he would pick up the check! Trust me I am going to wait until the ‘flip’ is working properly!!

We have had a constant sheet of rain falling on Fort Lauderdale all day and are currently under a ‘flash flood warning’ with 6-7 inches falling within an hour. We at Gateway are flooded with a half inch of rain!!! With 29 indoor plants I have been busy all day taking 5 plants out at a time to get ‘watered’ for an hour, bringing them back in and taking out another 5–now after 7 hours I think I got them all!

I very seldom post a political blog, or a political comment on this page, unless it deals with Gay Rights, Gay bashing and/or Gay news and then I post it at my GreatGayAuthor page but hearing that the jury has asked the judge to further define the manslaughter charge I don’t see how, with such a poor prosecutioner’s case, actually giving the defense definite ‘reasonable doubts’ arguments, he can be found guilty.

About a week ago I started ‘cleaning’ out a few of the sites I blog at–at one I had over 5,600 posts and have now gotten down to 5,300 but it really is a lot of work. At my GreatGayAuthor site I really want to leave the 100 great author series and under my user name of SongAndDanceMan I just want to leave the first 100 posts of my favorite singers and/or songs and at the GreatMartin blog page I am still working on eliminating, actually saving, the weather, the old news posts. As most know I use my blogging as a continuation of my old days of writing diaries so I can just print out the ones I want. The other sites are a lot easier, less time consuming, to delete past posts.

Last, but not least, for some crazy reason I decided to clean my kitchen. After about 11-12 years of cleaning my apartment Dolores said she was just too old to do it anymore. I tried 2 others but it just didn’t work. I think the last time I, me, myself cleaned the kitchen was at least a year ago. I washed, scoured, shined, dried, sprayed–you name it I did it–and the place was glistening clean!! And no one, not even Allen, came to see it!! I ain’t doing any more cleaning!!!

Was going to write about Ana and the Romaine lettuce but as this has gone long  that will be tomorrow.


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