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(THIS IS A REPEAT FROM Thursday, August 12th 2010–THANKS MARY AND LAURA!!!)

It was 8 years ago that I got my first two birds—budgies, what you call parakeets–Spitfire and Butch–soon after I got tiels and then zebra finches not to forget Jill’s giving me the result of her first attempt, successful, at breeding. At one point I had 21 birds and now I have none. The last one was taken away Saturday which was Andi, a green ringneck, that I was watching for her.


I can’t explain how odd it is to live in a birdless house–it is quiet–no birds flying around and pooping, including on my computer monitor!!! Following are some of the thoughts that have been going through my mind since the weekend.

As I leave I am saying goodbye to the birds and am about to tell them when I’ll be back and realize there are no birds and/or cages!!

I can open the so salt mini pretzel bag without thinking I have to give each of the birds one so I can eat mine in peace.

At 11 PM I go to cover the cages but there aren’t any cages. Just an hour before I go to give the birds their 10 o’clock treat but I don’t have treats anymore.

All my picture frames are hanging straight on the walls which looks very strange.

I don’t have to be careful when coming in and out as the birds aren’t out of the cage–nor are they in the cages!


I still have on my to do list ‘clean bird cages’ since I cleaned a different one each Sunday.

I don’t have to worry about pictures, posters and papers on the table being chewed.

There aren’t any teils landing on my shoulder and showing their love for me by pooping on my shoulder! There are some things I won’t miss including having to cover the furniture with shower liners or cooking up a month’s supply of veggies for the birds.


My plants are all in one piece and I don’t have to keep an eye on them when I let the birds out fo the cages.

Though they don’t eat much it was fun to watch them come up to my plate when I was eating to check it out.


I have two empty bird cages and there is a bird show coming up next week–I have to stay away from there and Clive’s bird shop or I know I will fill the two cages and I really shouldn’t but I miss the birds.

Oddly enough I miss Andi the most as she and I seem to bond more than I did with any other bird but that was a mistake on my part. I always got pairs of birds, certainly more than one and, consequently, they made their own flock and didn’t need me. With Andi I was part of her flock as she didn’t have a cage mate as the other birds had.

Will I be able to live without a bird or birds? I really don’t know as it seems they are still here and I am acting as if they are!!!


JULY 17, 2013

I still miss the birds but I have learned to live without them. Birds are one of the easiest pets to have and take care of–I really should get rid of the cage but you never know!

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