Rainy season in Florida is from June to September with hurricane season June  i to November 30. A couple of the problems with the rainy season is that hurricane season part though we have been lucky for 8 years as there hasn’t been one since 2005. Another problem is that Fort Lauderdale is built on coral so that even if we have 1-2 inches of rain streets get flooded. In the past week we have had over 10 inches of rain and the only thing that has saved us is a couples hours of sun can evaporate a lot of the overflow. Even with that we get mini wading pools all over Gateway. Granted they don’t stay long and they aren’t in the way still you are better off walking barefooted–remember when you were a kid kicking, splashing and jumping in water? For those who went to the movies how many were Gene Kelley singing and dancing in the rain?  And how many romantics have walked on the beach hand in hand or down 5th Avenue?

With all that Mother Nature doesn’t play games when it comes to hurricanes. When I lived in Miami Beach if a hurricane was heading here we would go to Coconut Grove and have hurricane parties which were a lot of fun but after the hurricane left it wasn’t fun seeing sand covering Ocean Drive and in some cases would fill the lobbies of hotels.

Before Wilma in 2005 there was Donna in 1960, Cleo in1964, Betsy in 65 and who can forget Andrew in 1992? Hurricanes, as amazing as they are, are not to be taken for granted. If you live in a Hurricane area be prepared. It isn’t hard and anything you have can be used if the storm passes by.

Meanwhile we will, with these heavy rains, make pools and watch the nutty drivers run through the high levels of water and wonder why their car stops and won’t start up again! And,then again, we will have  draught conditions after the season.

The major plus is that for at least a week in July in South Florida the temps have been around the mid 80’s and humidity hasn’t been THAT high!


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