It isn’t a secret that I love going to the theatre. I believe the first Broadway show I saw was the original cast of “Oklahoma” in 1943 when I was 7 years old. I have written many posts about theatre I have seen including some of the most renowned productions and performers. Even when I didn’t have money I went to the theatre.

Between bankruptcies, congestive heart failure and the aorta valve operation money was tight for me in the 2005-2009 period but, as it always seems to happen, I was rescued!! Reading a Broadway web page I saw a message asking if anyone would be interested in writing/reviewing theatre for another web site called corinescorner.com and a new site she was starting www. broadwayshowbiz.com I immediately contacted Corine and we agreed that I would review all the Broadway touring companies passing through Fort Lauderdale and Miami. It was a dream come true as even in my high school senior book I had put my aspirations of becoming a drama critic, so what if it happened 56 years later?!?!? Since that conversation I have seen/reviewed 41 touring Broadway shows ranging from “Les Miserables”, “Warhorse” to “Priscella Queen of the Dessert” and in the upcoming season I will be seeing the hardest show to get a ticket to on Broadway just as the tour is selling out as soon as it is announced “The Book of Mormon”.  I lost count of how many movie reviews of mine she has posted but I am ever grateful for us finding each other.

With my finally getting my finances in order and my controlling how I spent my money instead of money controlling me life got better in many ways as such things happen with, of course, a downer now and then to make me aware that all life doesn’t run smoothly!

Jill was kind enough to allow me to use her car when she took trips as did Allen who goes to see his grandkids every June (they all share the same birthday) and Christmas. He is kind enough to drive me to do all my shopping on Thursdays and Friday is movie day plus, occasionally, like last Saturday, we will go somewhere. Too bad the city took away the bus route that stopped in front of our building but they have offered a service–$3.50 each way–for seniors and handicapped people taht take them all over the city.

Movie wise, in the past 8 years, I have gone to see over 400 movies–emphasizing that I saw them in movie theatres!!!–and, sadly most are forgettable. There were a couple that I fell in love with like the movie version of “Dreamgirls“—I immediately became a huge fan of Jennifer Hudson–and this year I saw “Amore” an emotional journey in film making.

I already talked about theatre but I did have a disappointing night at the Broward Performing Arts Center when I went to see a concert with Barbara Cook starringwith the Fort Lauderdale Mens Chorus. I was a fan of her in her early Broadway musical shows like “She Loves Me” and “The Music Man” and was really looking forward to seeing her. I was in the minority but she wasn’t that good.

For the past 8 years I have been able to enjoy all that I enjoy (except not having a car!) with movie and theatre going, eating out at restaurants, special events, having special people in my life, loving where I live including Fort Lauderdale and my apartment at Gateway.

The only problem–and it comes with being old–are the health ‘kickers’ that come along but, as the song says, “I’m Still here”.


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