From left to right: onion, romaine lettuce, turnips, beets–in another week I will chop up the ‘scallion’ part of the onion (started raising 2 weeks ago) and the Romaine leaves (started 20 days ago) julienne the turnip leaves and finely chop the beet leaves (planted March 29 but didn’t thin it out enough so the turnips and beets didn’t have the space to grow–next year I will do it differently!) mix them all together and toss them in a dressing of lime juice, garlic, apple vinegar and virgin olive oil and then eat my home grown salad .

I saw this outside a mom and pop restaurant and had to take a picture!

I generally have 5-7 blogs ready to write and/or post and someone asked what I will be writing about this week and the following is just a possibility:

The last 2 chapters of my “7 Decades series” and then I will start the writing, rewriting, editing, adding the X rated parts and a few things I have never told anyone.

Living well is the best revenge and there is no doubt I am living well!! I am and know I am a very lucky guy.


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