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Walking around the Gateway Terrace apartments, where I live, is a dream come true. Whether turning a corner and seeing a couple of Iguanas bathing themselves in the sun or going down to The Point to see ‘dinner’ boats floating in Karen Bay or yachts docked around the property, not to forget sailboats and catamarans anchored in the bay itself, makes taking a walk an adventure.

I have written about Gateway many times but every day brings new surprises. Gateway compromises 8 acres of 32 buildings containing 265 apartments and near to 300 people, most over 70, quite a few in their 80s and 1 or 2 in their 90s, who for the most part get along.

There are 232 trees, a beautiful swimming pool overlooking Karen Bay, a breezeway to sit and talk where, yes, there is always a breeze! Originally a tomato farm in the 1920s it became a townhouse community for the wealthy to enjoy in the winter and then in 1959 it was converted into affordable housing for the elderly. There are 8 docks that accommodate yachts from all over the world and become part of our community and there over over 1500 feet of seawall.

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