Between the 38 years as a server and over 70 years eating out I have eaten in thousands of restaurants and maybe a dozen are memorable and most have been Italian restaurants.

My first major job, where I learned all about the basics of running a restaurant and all about Italian food was Picciolo’s at 101 Collins Avenue in Miami Beach and I always think back of my years there with pleasure. One of THE best restaurants I have ever eaten in was/is Marchi’s in New York on east 31st Street in New York City for 83 years and their motto is “No sign outside, No menu inside”–you have to go to their web site to know what I am talking about when I say this is the definite dining experience http://www.marchirestaurant.com/

I retired after working at Big Louie’s here in Fort Lauderdale and it was one of the very few restaurants that I worked at that I went to eat at after leaving and, I have to admit, I haven’t been there since I discovered the Cafe Vico in February of 2012. It has been there for years starting off as a single storefront and now has expanded to an additional 3 storefronts plus an outdoor patio eating area plus they just acquired another storefront to have a piano bar.

The bottom line is that I have never had a bad meal there and am seriously thinking of holding my 20th Leap Year birthday party tat the Cafe Vico. They are not inexpensive which was why I was so pleased to hear that they were doing 2-4-1 lunches during the summer and have now extended that until October when “season” starts. Allen and I go for lunch there every Thursday and I have been working my way through their menu. Whether it be raviolii stuffed with seafood in a lobster cream sauce or their lasagna I can easily recommend that you order anything off the menu and you will be more than satisfied.

Everyone on staff, from Marco and his wife, work together to make your dining experience just that–an experience. The service is excellent, the plates served as a work of art and the hot rolls served with a spicy garlic oil dip is the best. By the way the carrot cake isn’t bad!!!

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