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Life Expectancy Calculator

The following table lists the average number of additional years a male born on February 29, 1936, can expect to live when he reaches a specific age.


At Age Additional Life Expectancy
(in years)
Estimated Total Years
77 and 6 monthsa 10.1 87.7
a Your current age.


As you get older you deal more and more with doctors–either they dictate when, where and how or you retain a little control over your health life and I decided to do that– I make appointments at my convenience unless like an MRI– I go to specialists (heart, lung, dermatologist, podiatrist, urologist, etc.,) once a year–none of this ‘come back in 6 weeks’ every 6 weeks so they can collect a fee–sure if I am sick I will go but otherwise it is June oR July only –I do go to my primary for blood work every 3-4 months or minor stuff–going to a doctor involves wasting a whole day and the older you get the less days you have to waste!

There are many aspects of being old that makes you want to be there before you get there–take your time, kids, take your time! After 25 the years rush by. :O)

Just a few good things about being old:

1. Everywhere you turn you are offered a ‘senior citizen discount from movies to restaurants, clothing stores, supermarkets, etc.

2. You learn to stop worrying, that it is only a waste of what time one has left.

3. Chances are you’re retired and enjoy what you want.

4. There is no need to rush somewhere or do something.

5. You don’t need to shave–unless you want to (even though I have been told women don’t have that problem except I have seen old women with mustaches–okay, I’m ducking.)

6. So many excuses and so many accepted as natural for not doing something! “I forgot.” “I didn’t hear.” “I thought I would do it tomorrow.” It’s your fault. You didn’t remind me.” “Oh, was that today.”

7. Time to nap in the afternoon or go to the movies and not have to fight crowds or noise.

8. You can blog and comment to your hearts content.

9. After 60, people, those who do and don’t know you, show you respect and “Yes, M’am ” and “Yes, Sir” you to death. (Granted hearing it the first time when you are 50 isn’t funny but kids are using those terms less and less today.)

10. You can fall asleep in the middle of a TV show or movie or reading a book and know the ending.

11. You can say, “When I was your age…”

12. You can tell the world how things were much better years ago.

13. Erectile dysfunction and/or use of Viagra is a lot less than you are led to believe. Sex is very much alive. Women don’t worry about getting pregnant which allows many to enjoy a freedom they couldn’t/wouldn’t when they are younger.

14. You start getting rid of ‘things’ and life becomes uncluttered.

15. You forget all the bad in your past relationships and remember only the good.

16. You are outliving your enemies

17. You realize how little knowledgeable people know.

18. For no reason, except being old, you are thought of as being wise and experienced. Could be because you tell them you are?

19. Children are amazed at how you survived a childhood with so little.

20. People fear the wrath of a senior citizen and will defer to them at sales, on line or wherever waiting takes place.

21. You don’t buy 6 rolls of toilet paper.

That is just the beginning of the list so stop complaining and whining and enjoy the happiness of being old. Yes you have aches and pains but I look at it as paying for all the wild things I did when I was young. Young, or old, enjoy the stage of life you are in!

If I have one piece of advice as an old man to young people it would be do it now! Want to travel? Want to parachute out of an airplane? Want to run for office? Want to act? Want to ride a motorcycle? Ice skate? Go horseback riding? Want to write a book? Whatever it is DO IT NOW because chances are you won’t do it later or when you are ready to retire!


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When I was young life was all about the next adventure and exploring. The next stage for me was being happy in what work I did and I was very lucky that I loved what I did whether it was being a professional waiter or helping/advising people to lose weight and, though I didn’t make a living at it , writing, which I always found to be a mental and physical joy and seeing a magazine article, a book or even a letter to the editor kept me on a high no matter what bad was happening in my life! After I retired , never having been a homebody, I all of a sudden found that where I lived was the most important thing in my life.

In 1999 I went from almost living in my car to living at Gateway. The previous year Perry told me about Gateway and I got on the list and 18 months–June 1, 1999 I moved in. I started my 15th year here and have gone from a small  1 bedroom apartment to a large one on the 3rd (top) floor overlooking an arm of the New River from Karen’s Bay and across the way million dollar homes and boats of all kinds . I have talked so much about The Point, at the eastern most part of the Gateway Terrace apartments that many feel they have been here . There is no way a person can’t feel terric just sitting in a lounge chair with the sun shing on them and all sorts of water activities for them to see and at night it is almost magical.

Today, as I have done many days over the past years, I took the Sunday edition of the Sun-Sentinel paper down to The Point to read and relax but things have changed, with me, in the past year. I love our swimming pool and spent many hours in it but this year, doctor’s orders because of meds, eye and ear problems I am not allowed in the water and shouldn’t be in the sun too long. Okay so I cheat a little on the latter but I keep my shirt on. Also I got into trouble with P.A.D. in my legs along with gout and tendernitis so I have had to stop wearing flip-flops. (Shhhh–don’t tell my vascular surgeon or pediatrist–I cheat by wearing them in my apartment!) Sitting on The Point with my shoes and shirt on isn’t the way I want to go but I made the choice to follow doctor’s orders to a certain extent. (I am now looking for a new vascular surgeon to tell me flip-flops are fine!!)

In spite of all that I envy anyone who couldn’t be me today. Sitting in a lounge chair, reading the paper, feeling the sun and a light breeze over me, hearing motor boats, people paddling along, sailboats going by, two hours of pure luxury and a feeling of peace is something everyone should have  when they are old and I have it!

Old age has been, and is, a blessing to me and when I read posts about people dreading getting older or fighting getting and being old I want to slap them!! As long as you are independent and can adjust to what life hands you being old can be the best time in your life.

I plan on writing a few posts about the bad and good about getting older and trust me there is a heck of a lot more good than bad. I can live very happily without wearing flip flops or going into the pool but I know I will be doing both again—very soon!

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Conveniently for the past 10 years my primary doctor’s office has been next door to the Pomperdale Deli. AFTER I see my doctor, weigh in, get my blood pressure taken and my blood drawn for tests I go next door to reward myself!
I’ve been going to the Pomperdale Deli ever since it opened and it never fails me no matter what I order.
The deli now has a new owner, it’s been brightened up a little and they have changed the ording system with the customer paying before they get their food instead of after.and prices have gone up a bit but the food is delicious as ever. Whether it be soups, salads, smoked fish,  Rugalech or ‘mile high’ sandwiches they define the meaning of a New York deli.
I had to go to my doctor regarding a prescription and decided to stop and have a sandwich. I have never gone wrong ordering their corned beef, pastrami or turkey sandwiches or their combos such as the Rueban, Rachel or New Yorker but this time, after noticing it on their ‘special’ board outside, I ordered “The Sloppy Joe” and had that. It is stacked with  hot corned beef, turkey, roast beef with a layer of cole slaw and Russian dressing on the great rye bread.  It is served with a (too small) sour crunchy pickle. Normally it is $11.49 but the special price was $9.99. Allen had the same thing and we each had a diet (why not?) cola $1.95 so with tax our check came to $28+
Allen had never had, didn’t know what Halavah was, so I bought a slice ($2.18) for us to share. The taste immediately took me back to the Bronx in the 1950s and the deli on Lydig Avenue in Pelham Parkway and my childhood came rushing back!
They now have a club card where after buying 8 entrees you get one free. It may be bad timing or they may be optimistic but the card is only good until October 31 and as much as I love my Doc I am not going to see him 2 times a week!
The Pomperdale Deli always has been and still is a winner. I just miss the New York type Deli waiters and everyone behind the counter and the cashier are too nice!

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“RUSH”–MOVIE REVIEW   Leave a comment


“Rush” is the true story of Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl), Formula One race car World Champ,  an Austrian born,  disciplined, mind on the prize, controlled and controlling of his life and career versus James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) a womanizing, smoking, drinking,  charismatic, dope taker who loved the spotlight, claimed to have bedded over 5,000+ women and wanted to take that World title from Lauda. The first hour of the film concentrates on their rivalry, most of all their differences, leading up to to 1976 when the last race would determine who was the champ.


As an example of the difference between the two men we meet Suzy Miller (Olivia Wilde) who Hunt proposes marriage after knowing for her for a minute and two years later she leaves him and marries Richard Burton while Lauda meets Marlene (Alexandra Maria Lara) and his marriage proposal to her seems more of well thought out decision to become part of his all work and no play. Marlene’s steadfast belief in Lauda changes the latter’s life and leads to the horrific and hero building second half of the movie.


Director Ron Howard, with the help of director of photography Anthony Dod Mantle and the editors Dan Hanley and Mike Hill, takes you into the center of the cars, and the races, to the point you almost feel you know what the drivers feel behind the wheel whether it be driving in bright sunshine or beating rain hitting your helmet. As Marlene is shown being given and plugging in ear plugs it might not hurt for you to bring a pair to the theatre. In addition to the deafening sound of the racing cars there is additional, unnecessary, noise added by the music of Hans Zimmer on the soundtrack.


Peter Morgan, who wrote the screenplay, shows you the difference between Hunt and Lauda and will have you rooting for one and then the other but he fails in not giving a payoff to that rivalry for the audience to cheer and though there are other characters on screen he doesn’t really give them any depth but they bring more to the screen than written. Alexandra Maria Lara gives off more looks than words but her looks are meaningful while Olivia Wilde is a portrait of  a 1970s jet setter. Members of the race teams add realism to the film and Pierfrancesco Favino, as real race car driver Clay Regazzoni,  who competed with Hunt and Lauda, provides humor and heft when each is needed.  Chris Hemsworth shines as James Hunt and Daniel Bruhl as Nick Lauda matches him as an opposite who seems to carry the world on his shoulders. The two actors carry the movie on their shoulders and do an excellent job.


Don’t forget to bring earplugs and some of you get ready to take your eyes from the screen during the crash and hospital scenes! Keep in mind it is a movie!

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IF IT IS THURSDAY WE MUST BE…   Leave a comment


It has been 13 Thursdays since the Cafe Vico offered their 2-4-1 summer specials and we have gone for lunch all thirteen Thursdays before Allen took me around on my errands. We are talking 26 superb meals without a bad one and having a difficult time deciding which was the best. I thought it was the lasagna until today when I had their special special of Flounder Florentine Francois–OMG!

Whether the main dish is made of pork, veal, chicken, shellfish, beef or a variation on pasta you won’t go wrong. Along with great food there is excellent service from the servers and busboy with all hands helping everyone else. Along with the staff Mr. and Mrs. Marco Vico are hands on owners whether it be serving coffee, cleaning and/or resetting tables with the combination of yellow and white tablecloths along with blue water glasses and heavy silver. Within minutes your drink order is taken and served with hot rolls and a great very garlicky dip.

The good news–there is no bad news–they are going to continue their 2-4-1 lunch specials Monday through Thursday until October 31 so you know where we will be! After having 26 different dishes it many be time to hit their paninis and salads but even they look great from what we have seen.

Their choice of a dozen desserts are as good as their main courses and their carrot cake is a stand out especially how it is presented.

Aside from 3 dining rooms they have an outdoor dining patio and are now expanding by opening another store attached to the main dining room into a piano bar.

To learn more about this restaurant and see their lunch and dinner menus take a look here:

Meanwhile I will continue taking pictures and posting what we ate on Thursdays!

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If I could wish anything for everybody it would be the equivalent of The Point! The Point is at the far east end of the Gateway Terrace apartments where I live with close to 300 other seniors. They range in age from 62 to 94 with a couple of younger people who, because of disabilities, live here.

The Point is located in Karen Bay on the inter-coastal which eventually flows into the Atlantic ocean. There is always a breeze so no matter how hot and/or humid the weather might be it is always comfortable sitting there. Our pool overlooks the bay and makes for many interesting sights. During the day the sun sparkles on the water with the wisp of clouds reflected in the blues, grays and greens of that water. At night you can see the moon and stars above and  in Karen Bay and the latter looks like jewels sparkling before you. Even in foul weather the view is breath taking with the clouds and water swirling, rising (sometimes too high) and then receding as if to say “The show is over!”

While sitting on a chair, basking in the sun, you can see paddlers going by, yachts of all sizes, catamarans, canoes, water jet propelled ‘flyers’ above or walking on the water. A kayak will pass by and a manatee or two or three on the way to their breeding grounds, going west, or going out for a feeding in the north part of the New River. You will see tourist lunch or dinner boats passing by or a motor boat towing a kid sitting in a rubber raft.

In the sky you will spot the Goodyear blimp or a small plane advertising a local business while jets of all sizes leave the airport and head out over the Atlantic ocean going in all directions to all countries, Islands or cities up north.

On July 4 you can see the fireworks from all the surrounding cities while during the air show the planes fly overhead giving us our own private show. All year long the boaters wave to us and we wave back, all with smiles! We meet our neighbors, sit and talk and meet the new people who become one of us very quickly.

At night when I go down there I can, at times, feel as if I am the only one in the world yet at the same time feel as if I am part of the universe I am surrounded by.

The Point is a perfect place and there are too few of those.

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