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Though being sold as a comedy “The Family” didn’t get a single laugh, smile or giggle from the audience with the over the top violence and even at points when it is trying to be a spoof or parody or satire the sadistic beatings and various scenes with hammers, bats, heated grills cut off any smile you might have.


Michelle Pfeiffer, as beautiful as ever, is funny just with a look from a scene shown in the coming attractions and even not considered a stretch for Robert De Niro he has a few joyous moments ‘debating’ “GoodFellas”. Playing husband and wife they are in a witness protection program with their children played by Dianna Agron, who certainly can pass for Pfeiffer’s daughter and while John D’Leo bares no resemblance to any of the other three he does come off as a chip off the old block of his gangster father.


Tommy Lee Jones adds some weight to the film just with his presence but has a role that he can only walk through. Many of the supporting players as police or FBI agents and gangsters all look, and act, their roles believably.


I think the enjoyment of this films comes from the director Luc Besson, who also had a hand in the screenplay with Michael Caleo, and executive producer Martin Scorsese who have been in this territory before and don’t take themselves seriously.


“The Family” is much better than expected which is always a good surprise when going to the movies.


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