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Picking avocados from a tree in ‘my’ backyard–well I did hold the ladder for John– eating a brownie with ice cream–loving the message “Eat responsibly–save room for dessert” on the Outback drink coaster–going to the movies–spending the day on The Point–life is an adventure every day being retired and living where there is always something new going on.

Right now we are in the middle of the ‘rainy’ and ‘hurricane’ seasons but we are having dry, blue skies, wispy clouds, less humidity than normal, sunny with a breeze day–what we call ‘tourist weather’. We did have some heavy rains in June but except for a short rain during the late night or early morning things are pretty dry. Also–keeping my fingers crossed–we haven’t had a hurricane yet–and it has been 8 years since our last one.

I keep on hearing “I could never live in Florida during the summer time” and yet I would rather be here than where temps hit 105, even if it a ‘dry’ heat, or in NYC where you are surrounded by buildings so tall that a breeze couldn’t get through if it wanted to.

Ironically, except for being on the beach, most people go from an a/c home to an a/c car to an a/c  job and an a/c movie then an a/c restaurant spending 10 minutes in the actual heat.

Some day I will have to do a post about living in south Florida in the 1950s when Miami Beach closed after Easter when a/c wasn’t in hotels or bars not to mention restaurants and the city didn’t come alive until the week or two before Thanksgiving. Al’s luncheonette on 5th Street and Washington Avenue was one of the few places opened in addition to the news stand and drugstore across the street. Some of the wealthier people had window air conditioners but fans were the most used object to fight the heat.

It being a Sunday, and a rainy day for a change, I had a leisurely day reading the Sunday paper. I put the house plants out for a ‘soaking’ and decided to take a walk in the rain making for a pleasant afternoon. After bringing the plants back in I started making dinner–Tilapia with mixed vegetables in a horseradish sauce along with a salad in a homemade vinaigrette and peaches for dessert. Now, sitting in my recliner, watching “60 Minutes” (will miss “Big Brother” as the football game went over an hour late) and the “Dexter” followed by  “Ray Donovin” ending with the news, I’ll post this blog, read a magazine and after this exhausting day time to sleep for tomorrow.

Yes, sitting on The Point, nibbling with chips and an avocado dip or biting into a mango, watching the boats and paddlers going by is a tough job but some one has to do it and I volunteer almost everyday!



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