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It has been raining ever since I complained that we weren’t getting rain during the rainy season!!! It did give me an opportunity to continue on a major task–I have been deleting old blogs that aren’t relevant any more–so far about a thousand–when through with that I plan on eliminating ‘friends’ that requested to be a friend and haven’t been here since–next is to get rid of subscriptions of people who aren’t here anymore or at least aren’t posting anymore–last but not least will be the elimination of photographs–amazing how it all accumulates!


Yes I LOVE food! There is no questioning that, though I do question where people get the idea I am always eating out . I, generally, eat out on Thursdays when Allen takes me on my errands and we will get a bite to eat on Friday after the movies. During theatre season we will eat before going to see a show so the most we are talking about is 3 times a week but mostly twice a week.

I cook most of my suppers at home–usually 7 nights a week–and will write about that at the end of this week or the beginning of next week. I love to cook but as a single man I usually cook simple items where I use to love to have dinner parties and cook a rack of primes ribs , shrimp scampi, linguini in white clam sauce, serving a made from scratch Caesar salad, having various appetizers and what’s not to love about carrot cake with a scoop of ice cream for dessert.

This summer Allen and I have been eating lunch at the Cafe Vico which are doing 2-4-1 lunches and after 10 weeks we have yet to have less than a great meal. Along with excellent, friendly service, an owner and his wife on the premises helping, this is a restaurant to look forward to going to. When they go back to regular prices I won’t be able to eat there as often because lunch at $16-$18, including tax and tip, would be a bit high.

On the other hand I am seriously thinking of having my 20th Leap Year birthday party there on February 29, 2016. I am starting to save money now just in case I haven’t won the powerball by then!



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