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Sometimes I feel I was born in a movie theatre. I don’t remember ever NOT going to a movie and I think a lot of my thinking has come from watching films. I believe “crime does not pay”, “Happily Ever After”, that fireworks go off when you have sex,  that Natalie Wood proved there was a Santa, that somewhere over the rainbow there is a world that accepts every one.

I fell in love with Doris Day watching/hearing her sing “It’s Magic” in “Romance On The High Seas” in 1948 and who could be sexier than Ava Gardner spread out on a leopard rug to advertise “Mogambo”. I could dance like Fred Astaire, Gene Kelley, Dan Daily and Donald O’Conner opposite Rita Hayworth, Cyd Charrise plus tap dancing with Ann Miller. I’m walking into the Waldorf Astoria with Lana Turner on my arm and looking out from Tara as Vivian Leigh worries about ‘that’ tomorrow. In “Double Indemnity” Barbara Stanwyck is planning a murder while in “Stella Dallas” she is standing outside in the snow watching her daughter getting married as the tears roll down her cheeks. Joan Crawford slapping Ann Blyth across the face and Bette Davis tells her guests to fasten their seat belts while Marlon Brando, with a meat hook in his hand, leads the men into the warehouse

In my teens I would run out of school on a Tuesday to get to the RKO Pelham or Globe theatre so I could see a double feature plus a cartoon, coming attractions, a newsreel and a short feature and be home by 6 for dinner. The theatres always changed their movies on Wednesday and I was able to get there on Saturdays plus whenever my father was in town our family went to the Loew’s Paradise on the Grand Concourse on Sunday. Some weeks I was seeing 6 movies a week which included every and any classic you can think of plus a few more. I saw all the legendary movies including many of the legendary movie stars some of you never heard of like Janet Gaynor, Erroll Flynn, Leslie Howard, Betty Hutton, just to name a few.

I still am a huge movie fan going to a movie at least once a week, sometimes two times. I go to movies like “Monster” and “Dreamgirls” multiple times and I still fall in with actors like Jennifer Hudson and Charlize Theron who I think gave one of the greatest performances of all time in “Monster” and is absolutely beautiful.

I believe movies should be seen on a movie screen in a movie theatre for the first time and only on a TV screen, no matter how big, if you want to see it a second time or it didn’t play in a movie house near you. There is quite a difference between a 60 inch TV screen and a 6 foot movie screen. I know all the excuses for not going to the movies from too expensive, too many people with cell phones, gum on the floor, have to get dressed, get dirty looks when you talk as if you were in your living room at home, etc. Sorry folks but with movie rewards, going to a weekday matinee or evening performance, a movie is no more expensive then renting or buying DVDs–and, again, you are seeing that movie on a small screen!

No matter what I will always have time and money to go to a movie and “Live Happily Ever After”!


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