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And before you know it Friday has come around and it is movie day. On this particular day we went to see “The Family” and, as always, the discussion afterwards was where to get a bite to eat. Usually it is between the Quarterdeck if we want to have jambalaya and a heavier meal or, going for something lighter it might be IHOP or Denny’s.

A few months ago Allen mentioned his seeing a new burger place knowing I am a burger lover. We were talking about the Quarterdeck and I said something about having one of their burgers for a change and he mentioned the burger place so off we went.

Does the world really need another burger place? Not unless they have standout items and smashburger doesn’t. Their burger is okay and the fries are nothing special–not even the seasoned ‘smash’ ones ($1.99)  which didn’t taste any different then the regular fries ($1.99).
The place is immaculate and the help friendly with smiles.
There was a little confusion as far as the order going went with Allen ordering the classic burger ($4.99) and I ordered the cheeseburger ($4.99) which turned out to be the same thing. WE both had a fountain drink ($1.89 each) so the check, with tax, came to $18.80 for an ordinary, small burger.
Afterwards I discovered the Miami Burger on the to go menu which I certainly would have ordered as it seems to be a ‘different’ item from the other burger places.
I don’t think I will be going back to try it.


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