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There is a misconception out there that I eat every lunch and dinner out–if only! The facts are that I eat lunch out on Thursdays after Allen has taken me on my errands and Fridays after we go to the movies. During ‘season’ when I am reviewing Broadway touring shows for broadwayshowbiz.com we go out for dinner. At one time I looked down at people who used coupons and now I am known as “The Coupon Kid” because it is the only way I can afford to eat out–unless you want to pick up the check!

Having been a server for 38 of most of my working life I love to eat out and be waited on and am not really that demanding of servers though I do look for certain primary things all servers should such as refills of what you are drinking before being asked, being checked on after serving me my food, greeting me within a minute or two of my sitting down no matter how busy they may even if it is just to show that they acknowledge I am there, etc.

I am, and have always been, an excellent tipper with a minimum of 20% on what the check would be before the deduction. I will never blame the server for bad food or even hot food served cold as long as they check with me after serving it. I will very seldom complain or send food back but if I do I expect the server to take care of it with a smile even though I know in many cases they have to get the manager first–because we all know servers are too dumb to make decisions– right? LOL

In any case I have gone way off base on what I wanted to talk about so let me get back on track!

5 days every week I have a total between 16-1800 calories a day of which 2 days will be about 12 ounces of fish, the equivalent of 400 calories. At home I weigh and measure everything which is a lot easier than it sounds. Along with my protein at dinner I have a 10 ounce package of mixed vegetables, which I usually lay the protein on and then use either mustard (very low in calories) or horseradish sauce which runs about 20 calories a teaspoon. I make a huge salad with 2-3 bunches of romaine plus 4-6 ounces of tomatoes and 2-4 ounces of onions plus a wine vinegar mix that I make out of no sodium spices. Aside from the fish I will alternate with a pork chop or a chicken breast or a veal chop. I usually will buy a package with two items so, for instance, I can have one chicken breast today and one next week. I have found that meat departments in most store will wrap 2 pieces of whatever if you ask them to without any problems. For dessert I havea12ounce package of peaches.

Again, keeping in mind calorie count, I will vary things by making sandwiches using a can of chicken, mix in low cal mayo, onion and garlic flakes and using thin sliced bread make sandwiches. Along the way I also snack on Granny Smith apples, a 100 calorie package of popcorn and, once in awhile, a slice of processed cheese–okay it tastes like cardboard but it is food!

I know, I know some of you are moaning and groaning thinking that one of my dinners would feed you for a month, but remember I am a growing boy! LOL By the way the veggies and peaches I get at the Dollar Tree Store, yes a dollar a package, and, usually, I buy a package of Tilapia which is usually on special of buy 1 get 1 free. My food bill is actually very low (for those of you who are really nosy and/or envious I will gladly tell you how much I spend on all my food per week.) which allows me, using coupons, to eat out lunch twice a week.

I don’t like, or have leftovers, so I usually buy the protein carefully, just enough to provide the meals without anything left over!

I am open to any questions you might have so just ask.



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