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It has been 13 Thursdays since the Cafe Vico offered their 2-4-1 summer specials and we have gone for lunch all thirteen Thursdays before Allen took me around on my errands. We are talking 26 superb meals without a bad one and having a difficult time deciding which was the best. I thought it was the lasagna until today when I had their special special of Flounder Florentine Francois–OMG!

Whether the main dish is made of pork, veal, chicken, shellfish, beef or a variation on pasta you won’t go wrong. Along with great food there is excellent service from the servers and busboy with all hands helping everyone else. Along with the staff Mr. and Mrs. Marco Vico are hands on owners whether it be serving coffee, cleaning and/or resetting tables with the combination of yellow and white tablecloths along with blue water glasses and heavy silver. Within minutes your drink order is taken and served with hot rolls and a great very garlicky dip.

The good news–there is no bad news–they are going to continue their 2-4-1 lunch specials Monday through Thursday until October 31 so you know where we will be! After having 26 different dishes it many be time to hit their paninis and salads but even they look great from what we have seen.

Their choice of a dozen desserts are as good as their main courses and their carrot cake is a stand out especially how it is presented.

Aside from 3 dining rooms they have an outdoor dining patio and are now expanding by opening another store attached to the main dining room into a piano bar.

To learn more about this restaurant and see their lunch and dinner menus take a look here:  http://cafevicorestaurant.com/

Meanwhile I will continue taking pictures and posting what we ate on Thursdays!

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