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“Rush” is the true story of Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl), Formula One race car World Champ,  an Austrian born,  disciplined, mind on the prize, controlled and controlling of his life and career versus James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) a womanizing, smoking, drinking,  charismatic, dope taker who loved the spotlight, claimed to have bedded over 5,000+ women and wanted to take that World title from Lauda. The first hour of the film concentrates on their rivalry, most of all their differences, leading up to to 1976 when the last race would determine who was the champ.


As an example of the difference between the two men we meet Suzy Miller (Olivia Wilde) who Hunt proposes marriage after knowing for her for a minute and two years later she leaves him and marries Richard Burton while Lauda meets Marlene (Alexandra Maria Lara) and his marriage proposal to her seems more of well thought out decision to become part of his all work and no play. Marlene’s steadfast belief in Lauda changes the latter’s life and leads to the horrific and hero building second half of the movie.


Director Ron Howard, with the help of director of photography Anthony Dod Mantle and the editors Dan Hanley and Mike Hill, takes you into the center of the cars, and the races, to the point you almost feel you know what the drivers feel behind the wheel whether it be driving in bright sunshine or beating rain hitting your helmet. As Marlene is shown being given and plugging in ear plugs it might not hurt for you to bring a pair to the theatre. In addition to the deafening sound of the racing cars there is additional, unnecessary, noise added by the music of Hans Zimmer on the soundtrack.


Peter Morgan, who wrote the screenplay, shows you the difference between Hunt and Lauda and will have you rooting for one and then the other but he fails in not giving a payoff to that rivalry for the audience to cheer and though there are other characters on screen he doesn’t really give them any depth but they bring more to the screen than written. Alexandra Maria Lara gives off more looks than words but her looks are meaningful while Olivia Wilde is a portrait of  a 1970s jet setter. Members of the race teams add realism to the film and Pierfrancesco Favino, as real race car driver Clay Regazzoni,  who competed with Hunt and Lauda, provides humor and heft when each is needed.  Chris Hemsworth shines as James Hunt and Daniel Bruhl as Nick Lauda matches him as an opposite who seems to carry the world on his shoulders. The two actors carry the movie on their shoulders and do an excellent job.


Don’t forget to bring earplugs and some of you get ready to take your eyes from the screen during the crash and hospital scenes! Keep in mind it is a movie!

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