Conveniently for the past 10 years my primary doctor’s office has been next door to the Pomperdale Deli. AFTER I see my doctor, weigh in, get my blood pressure taken and my blood drawn for tests I go next door to reward myself!
I’ve been going to the Pomperdale Deli ever since it opened and it never fails me no matter what I order.
The deli now has a new owner, it’s been brightened up a little and they have changed the ording system with the customer paying before they get their food instead of after.and prices have gone up a bit but the food is delicious as ever. Whether it be soups, salads, smoked fish,  Rugalech or ‘mile high’ sandwiches they define the meaning of a New York deli.
I had to go to my doctor regarding a prescription and decided to stop and have a sandwich. I have never gone wrong ordering their corned beef, pastrami or turkey sandwiches or their combos such as the Rueban, Rachel or New Yorker but this time, after noticing it on their ‘special’ board outside, I ordered “The Sloppy Joe” and had that. It is stacked with  hot corned beef, turkey, roast beef with a layer of cole slaw and Russian dressing on the great rye bread.  It is served with a (too small) sour crunchy pickle. Normally it is $11.49 but the special price was $9.99. Allen had the same thing and we each had a diet (why not?) cola $1.95 so with tax our check came to $28+
Allen had never had, didn’t know what Halavah was, so I bought a slice ($2.18) for us to share. The taste immediately took me back to the Bronx in the 1950s and the deli on Lydig Avenue in Pelham Parkway and my childhood came rushing back!
They now have a club card where after buying 8 entrees you get one free. It may be bad timing or they may be optimistic but the card is only good until October 31 and as much as I love my Doc I am not going to see him 2 times a week!
The Pomperdale Deli always has been and still is a winner. I just miss the New York type Deli waiters and everyone behind the counter and the cashier are too nice!

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