When I was young life was all about the next adventure and exploring. The next stage for me was being happy in what work I did and I was very lucky that I loved what I did whether it was being a professional waiter or helping/advising people to lose weight and, though I didn’t make a living at it , writing, which I always found to be a mental and physical joy and seeing a magazine article, a book or even a letter to the editor kept me on a high no matter what bad was happening in my life! After I retired , never having been a homebody, I all of a sudden found that where I lived was the most important thing in my life.

In 1999 I went from almost living in my car to living at Gateway. The previous year Perry told me about Gateway and I got on the list and 18 months–June 1, 1999 I moved in. I started my 15th year here and have gone from a small  1 bedroom apartment to a large one on the 3rd (top) floor overlooking an arm of the New River from Karen’s Bay and across the way million dollar homes and boats of all kinds . I have talked so much about The Point, at the eastern most part of the Gateway Terrace apartments that many feel they have been here . There is no way a person can’t feel terric just sitting in a lounge chair with the sun shing on them and all sorts of water activities for them to see and at night it is almost magical.

Today, as I have done many days over the past years, I took the Sunday edition of the Sun-Sentinel paper down to The Point to read and relax but things have changed, with me, in the past year. I love our swimming pool and spent many hours in it but this year, doctor’s orders because of meds, eye and ear problems I am not allowed in the water and shouldn’t be in the sun too long. Okay so I cheat a little on the latter but I keep my shirt on. Also I got into trouble with P.A.D. in my legs along with gout and tendernitis so I have had to stop wearing flip-flops. (Shhhh–don’t tell my vascular surgeon or pediatrist–I cheat by wearing them in my apartment!) Sitting on The Point with my shoes and shirt on isn’t the way I want to go but I made the choice to follow doctor’s orders to a certain extent. (I am now looking for a new vascular surgeon to tell me flip-flops are fine!!)

In spite of all that I envy anyone who couldn’t be me today. Sitting in a lounge chair, reading the paper, feeling the sun and a light breeze over me, hearing motor boats, people paddling along, sailboats going by, two hours of pure luxury and a feeling of peace is something everyone should have  when they are old and I have it!

Old age has been, and is, a blessing to me and when I read posts about people dreading getting older or fighting getting and being old I want to slap them!! As long as you are independent and can adjust to what life hands you being old can be the best time in your life.

I plan on writing a few posts about the bad and good about getting older and trust me there is a heck of a lot more good than bad. I can live very happily without wearing flip flops or going into the pool but I know I will be doing both again—very soon!

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