Life Expectancy Calculator

The following table lists the average number of additional years a male born on February 29, 1936, can expect to live when he reaches a specific age.


At Age Additional Life Expectancy
(in years)
Estimated Total Years
77 and 6 monthsa 10.1 87.7
a Your current age.


As you get older you deal more and more with doctors–either they dictate when, where and how or you retain a little control over your health life and I decided to do that– I make appointments at my convenience unless like an MRI– I go to specialists (heart, lung, dermatologist, podiatrist, urologist, etc.,) once a year–none of this ‘come back in 6 weeks’ every 6 weeks so they can collect a fee–sure if I am sick I will go but otherwise it is June oR July only –I do go to my primary for blood work every 3-4 months or minor stuff–going to a doctor involves wasting a whole day and the older you get the less days you have to waste!

There are many aspects of being old that makes you want to be there before you get there–take your time, kids, take your time! After 25 the years rush by. :O)

Just a few good things about being old:

1. Everywhere you turn you are offered a ‘senior citizen discount from movies to restaurants, clothing stores, supermarkets, etc.

2. You learn to stop worrying, that it is only a waste of what time one has left.

3. Chances are you’re retired and enjoy what you want.

4. There is no need to rush somewhere or do something.

5. You don’t need to shave–unless you want to (even though I have been told women don’t have that problem except I have seen old women with mustaches–okay, I’m ducking.)

6. So many excuses and so many accepted as natural for not doing something! “I forgot.” “I didn’t hear.” “I thought I would do it tomorrow.” It’s your fault. You didn’t remind me.” “Oh, was that today.”

7. Time to nap in the afternoon or go to the movies and not have to fight crowds or noise.

8. You can blog and comment to your hearts content.

9. After 60, people, those who do and don’t know you, show you respect and “Yes, M’am ” and “Yes, Sir” you to death. (Granted hearing it the first time when you are 50 isn’t funny but kids are using those terms less and less today.)

10. You can fall asleep in the middle of a TV show or movie or reading a book and know the ending.

11. You can say, “When I was your age…”

12. You can tell the world how things were much better years ago.

13. Erectile dysfunction and/or use of Viagra is a lot less than you are led to believe. Sex is very much alive. Women don’t worry about getting pregnant which allows many to enjoy a freedom they couldn’t/wouldn’t when they are younger.

14. You start getting rid of ‘things’ and life becomes uncluttered.

15. You forget all the bad in your past relationships and remember only the good.

16. You are outliving your enemies

17. You realize how little knowledgeable people know.

18. For no reason, except being old, you are thought of as being wise and experienced. Could be because you tell them you are?

19. Children are amazed at how you survived a childhood with so little.

20. People fear the wrath of a senior citizen and will defer to them at sales, on line or wherever waiting takes place.

21. You don’t buy 6 rolls of toilet paper.

That is just the beginning of the list so stop complaining and whining and enjoy the happiness of being old. Yes you have aches and pains but I look at it as paying for all the wild things I did when I was young. Young, or old, enjoy the stage of life you are in!

If I have one piece of advice as an old man to young people it would be do it now! Want to travel? Want to parachute out of an airplane? Want to run for office? Want to act? Want to ride a motorcycle? Ice skate? Go horseback riding? Want to write a book? Whatever it is DO IT NOW because chances are you won’t do it later or when you are ready to retire!

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