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“Gravity” is a film that must first be seen on a 3D movie theatre screen and even better if it is an IMAX screen! What director Alfonso Cuaron and his production crew, partially consisting of director of photography Emmanuel Lubezki, editors Alfonso Cuaron and Mark Sanger along with production designer Andy Nicholson, special effects supervisors Neil Corbould and Manex Efrem, visual effects supervisor Tom Webber, have done in this film are things you have never seen in a movie before and the recurring thought running through your mind, if not said out loud, is “How did they do that?”


There is a screenplay by Alfonso and Jonas Cuaron while actors Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are the leads  but their star power doesn’t stand a chance against a teardrop floating off of the screen. What is basically a two hander turns into a performance of Bullock competing  against space and charismatic Clooney is probably one of the very few actors who could pull off one of his later scenes.


There have been many space travel, sci-fi, astronaut movies and variations of all, but there has never been a movie like “Gravity” that takes you from minutes of absolute silence where you imagine you hear things to a terrifying sequence where space debris is hurled at scientist Ryan Stone (Bullock) and mission commander Matt Kowalski (Clooney) and you see and hear the consequences.


Hundreds of miles from earth we see space up close, from a distance, through the eyes of a face in a helmet to the couple seeming to dance in slow motion against the stars and the sky. To tell you anything about the movie, from a pen floating in a spaceship to Matt commenting on how beautiful the sun coming up on the horizon is, would all just have to be marked with big SPOILERS.


“Gravity” isn’t an emotional involving movie but you will sit in awe and wonder as it engages the brain. This film defines the magic of movies and has taken it further tech wise than ever done before. You will want to see it again and again to figure out how scenes were done and that’s what the DVD will be for but you have to see it on the big 3D screen first.


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