Richard LeMay, as director and writer of “Naked As We Came”, brings nothing to the genre except a bunch of cliches and many nature ‘artistic’ shots. He has added a political plot that only muddies the story leaving more than one viewer with questions.


We have two adult children, Elliot (Ryan Vigilant) and Laura (Karmine Alers) visiting a mother, they haven’t seen in a year and a half, who is dying of cancer and right up front admits she wasn’t the best of mothers. She was more interested in her orchids than her children. She was married to a man who was a womanizer and interested in making making and he did. Lilly, (Lue McWilliams), the mother, lives in an estate in upper New York having a small and a large greenhouse, the latter filled with fresh grown vegetables and resides in house that has enough windows and skylights to keep a window washer busy all year. Unknown to the children a young man, Ted (Benjamin Weaver), has been living with their mother as a combination of groundskeeper, who kills her orchids, makes meals for them both and a caretaker, for 6 months but, contrary to what the children think, there is nothing sexual about the relationship and he has a secret.


Laura, 10 years older than Elliot, and her brother own a very lucrative laundry business left to them by their father. She is very controlling and recently divorced her husband while he is an excellent cook, taking after his father, and lost in his personal life. Lilly is leaving the house and estate to Elliot and a beach house to Laura but first wants to apologize to both for not being more of a mother to them and hopes to see them take better paths than they have so far. She is full of wisdom and weed, for them and Ted. Elliot and Ted have sex the first night the former is there which upsets Laura and pleases Lilly. The only surprise in the film is where the affair leads.


The sex scene is handled as artistically as the nature scenes, including many shots, too many, of white, fluffy clouds showing a lot more of the latter than the former. There are also mouth watering scenes of both guys chopping various vegetables and making meals.


The acting by all is adequate though Lue McWilliams’ black turban outfit has your mind wandering off to “Sunset Boulevard” and Norma Desmond. Both Vigilant and Weaver are eye candy though the former smiles to much which looks like smirks. Karmine Alers is strong as Laura and does an acappella song without embarrassing herself.


There is nothing in “Naked As We Come” you haven’t seen before in a movie.


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