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October has been a good month and it looks like weather wise the last week will be great—including low humidity and a cool breeze!

Movie wise went to see “Enough Said”, “Gravity” IN 3D, “Captain Phillips”, “Naked As We Came” and “The Counselor”–3 out of 5 were outstanding (the first 3) and the other two were okay.

Theatre wise saw “Mamma Mia” which on stage is so much better than the movie version. It also led to an ‘adventure’ with Allen and I spending the day in Miami Beach and Miami (for those who don’t know they are completely 2 different cities!)

Of course, being an important part of my life, food is always involved and we continue our winning streak eating the 2-4-1 lunches at the Cafe Vico. Next week will be the last Thursday and we will be trying new places again. In addition to Cafe Vico we ate at Smokey Bones, The Dubliner Pub, Boston Market, Balan’s, Subway and IHOP. (Shhhh–don’t tell Allen–I went to the Pomperdale Deli AFTER seeing my doctor–you know the weighing in, blood tests, etc., Always go after! Had a ‘New Yorker’ which is corned beef and pastrami with Swiss cheese and dressing on a delicious soft rye bread and a good sour pickle!)

Though one of our regular go to the movies theatre closed, deservedly, we saw that the riverfront was getting ready for Halloween with a big scary show called “Festival Of Souls in The Demon Mansion” taking over the second floor, not to mention finding a new type of flower walking along the bank of the river.

On a high note there is a possibilty that I may get hired to do some writing for another blog site but don’t want to jinx it so won’t say more now.

I, also, did something strange today–I decided to walk around the perimeter of Gateway! Though it was rough on the legs I must say I enjoyed it. Of course I stopped to give John the paper and I stopped at the corner of 19th ave and 7th street to take a few pictures. Oh yes I also stopped for awhile to watch a school of fish in the canal and then I had to stop  to say hello o Norma, Harlan and Patricia who were at the point. Continuing my walk Francis was sitting outside his door so we had to catch up and Jerri came along so we did some chatting. A little later, since I was so close, I stopped to say hello to Norman who told me he was going on a cruise to nowhere for a couple of days and nights on a ship from England that is trying to sell cruises in South Florida. I finally go home feeling tired but good. I won’t mention it took me about an hour to go a little more than a mile!!! BUT I WALKED!!!! And you likeexercise—why?

I’m a little short of money–going to Miami Beach does that–at the end of the month but nothing to worry about and prepping myself for the holiday season coming up starting with the gay holiday Halloween!


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