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Though it had been there for years I didn’t discover the Cafe Vico until I celebrated my 19th Leap Year in 2012 when I had a list of restaurants that I hadn’t eaten in and wanted to visit. I reviewed it back then for yelp giving it 5 stars.

This past June I got an email that the Cafe Vico was going to offer 2-4-1 lunches and Allen and I have been going there every Thursday since June 20–as of last Thursday, October 31, we have been there 20 times and have had ordered 40 different lunches.

You can check out their lunch and dinner menu at plus every week they offered us 2 specials.  As of this past Thursday I have had only one less than excellent meal and that was an Osso Bocca taht was a bit too salty but aside from that all the lunches were/are top drawer. They do serve a top of the line lasagna and all their pasta dishes melt in your mouth.

This past Thursday I had Talipia francese that was served on a green pasta, the dish being sweet and tart at the same time. Allen had the Cappalini Scampi which he really likes though I prefer the Linguini ala Pescatore with shrimp, scallops and calamari in spicy tomato sauce though I usually have it made in garlic and oil.

We were sort of celebrating our last lunch and the end of summer until we were leaving when I noticed on the board “2-4-1 lunch until November 30”! LOOKS LIKE SUMMER ISN’T OVER YET!!!!!


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