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The most surprising thing about “Last Vegas” was that I laughed a few times and enjoyed it. You know going in that with a story about 4 old men who were childhood friends back in Brooklyn are now in Las Vegas where one of them is marrying a girl  Lisa (Bre Blair) more than half his age what the jokes will be about and they are. There are the Viagra, prostate and genital jokes. There will be very busty women all over the place, a lot of leers and plenty of old men jokes. The men are in Las Vegas to throw a bachelor party for Billy (Michael Douglas) the Peter Pan of the group.

Giving him the party are Archie (Morgan Freeman), who has recently had a stroke and is living with his son Ezra (Michael Ealy ), his daughter-in-law Karen Ceesay and his granddaughter, along with widower recluse Paddy (Robert De Niro ) and Sam (Kevin Kline) whose wife gave him a condom and Viagra pill when letting him off at the airport and telling him that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

As can only happen in a Hollywood movie, Archie wins $102,000 at blackjack and the guys are given the huge luxurious penthouse suite and a host, Lonn ie (Romany Malco ) who is to see to all their needs. We also meet Dean (Jerry Ferrara ) a mouthy kid who has to be taught a lesson, Maurice (Roger Bart) a straight cross dresser there with his wife and an assortment of female imperso nat or entertainers.

Last, and most important, we meet Diane (Mary Steenburgen ) who gave up her past life to become an aging lounge singer and changes the life of two of the men, probably the only ‘spoiler’ that can be in a film of this genre.

The direction by Jon Turteltaub and the screenplay by Dan Fogelman . The four stars deliver with their charisma and professionalism while Las Vegas is shown at its glittery best.

The main reason to see this movie is to catch Morgan Freeman when he shows his dance moves which are guarenteed to put a smile on your face!


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