Around 4-4:30 pm a group of people gather at The Point just to relax and talk. A group of us use to meet on the breezeway about the same time but since they built the pool rest rooms and the new rules don’t allow cocktails (which we use to have on Friday evenings and people would bring snacks), plus most of that group have died or moved on , we have moved. It is really pleasant sitting by the bay, watching the boats, board paddlers and kayaks go by.

As I have mentioned before I live in a residential community of about 300 seniors many of who don’t have any family and/or live far away from them. Holidays are a notorious time for old people who drink too much, commit suicide or just give up on life . As a group most of us try to help each other but some fall through the cracks.

Irene and John have been living here awhile and do a lot of volunteer work–John runs the library as an example–and Russ is a fairly new resident. Don’t know if you can read the notice but it starts, “With all the residents who have nowhere to go or spend Thanksgiving Day with well now you do.” On Thanksgiving Day afternoon at 1 PM they are offering a free buffet for anyone who wants to come.

As Allen and I will be doing our yearly ritual—going to the Isles Casino for their buffet spread–I won’t be in the community room with the folks but I will certainly be thinking of them.

Life is good folks when you are surrounded by people who care–don’t take it lightly!


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