Today was the last day of summer—officially! It was our last Thursday to take advantage of the Cafe Vico’s 2-4-1 summer luncheon specials. (Though they will be open next Thursday–Thanksgiving Day we will be going to the Isle Casino for their Thanksgiving buffet–the special will end.)

Since June 20 we have had 26 luncheons each for a total of 52 different dishes using both the menu items and the different specials. Whether it was fish like Tilapia or Flonder, veal, chicken, pork, shellfish and all items served with pasta varying from ziti, fettuccine or linguine or/and fresh vegetables there were only two dishes that I remember anything negative about. I found a pork special a little too salty and I think Allen said something about one of his orders but I don’t remember what he said or what the dish was.

I will say their lasagna is the best I ever had and their 4 cheese ravioli was a treat. I can never get enough of their shellfish piscatada in olive oil and garlic. The hot garlic rolls served with a heavy garlic dip is a meal in itself.

The service from the busboy(s) and waiter(s) is tops and reflects that of Mr. and Mrs Marco Vico that own the restaurant and are hands on when it comes to making everything run smooth. They are busy now building an addition of a piano bar which should be open in early 2014. They do have a movie and dinner evening one night a month and next month they will be having a cabaret night.

Cafe Vico has become my ‘go to’ restaurant if anyone is visiting from out of town. With excellent food and excellent service plus owners who care what could be better? In fact I am seriously thinking of holding my 20th Leap Year birthday there on February 29, 2016–keep tuned for further announcements!

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