The positive things about this new restaurant are the service and the dining room in addition to the eye catching lit up sign over the counter spelling out KITCHEN!
They seem to have gone via the new fad of the customer coming up to the counter. ordering, paying and then sitting down with your food served by the cashier.
I do not know about ‘healthy food’ only if food tastes good or not, but this place seems to go way overboard with their prices.
We started off with Artichoke Fries servd with a citrus sauce on the side. They are spicy, which I like, but the portion is way too small for $6. It was sort of adding insult to injury when we got our main course with a ‘side’ of pickled veggies. Sorry but no way is that a side of veggies–they were served in a very small cup that normally butter or cocktail sauce would be served in. A side would either be on the plate or in a monkey dish which would have consisted of more than a teaspoon of veggies.Okay the fries didn’t taste healthy which, in a way, made them taste good to me.
Allen had a Berry Blast (strawberry, banana, blueberry) smoothie ($6) and I had an Exoctic Refresh (coconut, pineapple and banana) smoothie ($6)–there was a note about ‘make it a combo and get a smoothie for $5 but I let it go.
For our main course I had the Chic Which ($12) and Allen had the Steak Which ($12) with that teaspoon of veggies. Next time put a piece of fresh parsley or basil. The organic ezekiel sprout bread was delicious. The free range chicken breast with  ‘balsamicmaui onion, cured tomatoes, arugula mayo and melted brie (though I didn’t see or taste any of the latter) on the sprout bread was tasty but that $12 price is too much. Allen said nothing about his sandwich which isn’t a good sign.
We decided to share a banana split ($7) which came with blueberries, strawberries, a banana, chocolate syrup and with, what is says on the menu, vanilla ice cream. It tasted more like ice milk and/or ice refrozen a few times.
All in all the check came to $61.95, including tax, and with the groupon deduction of $16 the total was $45.94, far too much for what we got.
At these prices there should be full table service.
I have only been to one other ‘health food’ restaurant–the vegan restaurant Sublime which I, also, found overpriced–and I wonder if eating healthy means dying broke?
One on me–I just called the restaurant to complain about being overcharged on the bill–I was wrong!!!! I didn’t hesitate to apologize. LOL

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