It all started on the evening of November 27 as a little red dot on my leg. The next day being Thanksgiving, and knowing that a doctor wouldn’t be available, I went on to the buffet though I felt a little, very little, pain in my leg. By Monday it was a different story–the red spot turned into a black/red circle and there was consistent pain so I called my primary doc and went to see him that afternoon. My leg was twice the size it usually was and kept on swelling up. He said it was an abscess and called a ‘minimally invasive surgeon’, making an appointment for me on Thursday as I needed time to get the warfarin out of my system.

Monday night I was at the computer, watching some TV, and glancing down I noticed my toes were turning black. (Without going to much into it in previous years I had been going to a vascular surgeon who said that someday my leg may have to be amputated and if I ever saw purple black turning cold toes to call him immediately. By the way I changed vascular surgeons after 5 years of hearing ‘leg amputation’!) Panic set in as soon as  I saw the toes and I called 911 at 1 A.M.. I got to the hospital where 2 doctors looked at it and said, yes, it was an abscess and that I should keep my surgeon appointment on Thursday–that was it after being there for 3 hours. I got home, the pain was bad and the foot itched but I was getting through it.

My appointment with the ‘minimal surgeon’ was at 4:15 so Allen took me on my Thursday runs of The Pantry, the bank, Dollar Tree Store, Winn-Dixie, laundry and then we went for lunch. We still had time so we went to my place and I brought everything in and after stopped at The Home Depot where I picked up some soil and then on to the doctor. The doctor opened the abscess which he said wasn’t and I thought I heard blood clot. He said I was to call my vascular surgeon and see him ASAP! It was already after 6 so I knew I would have to wait. He wrapped the spot where he had made an incision and it seemed to be seeping a bit.

I came home, had some home made split pea soup Norman made for me–delicious–and then I settled down to the computer and to watch “The Sound of Music” live on NBC, read the AllThatChat dissing it as it played and then at 10 PM it was time for “Scandal”. I was feeling some pain but I have a fairly high thresh-hold of pain–besides I wasn’t about to miss “Scandal”! I watched the 11 PM news and around Midnight I knew I couldn’t sleep with the pain and I was sort of concerned about that doc’s ASAP so once again I called 911. (Heck in my part of the world everyone is asleep by 11 so there wasn’t anyone i could call to take me to the ER. A long story short–the doctor unwrapped the bandage and said, yes it was a hematoma and cellulitis, that he would give me a prescription for pain killers and that I should get to the vascular surgeon. By the way he just left the wound unwrapped and the blood was dripping into the bed until a nurse saw it, shook her head and immediately rewrapped the leg. Of course the drug store was closed so I couldn’t get the pain killers and I couldn’t sleep because I wanted to reach the vascular surgeon’s office as soon as it opened, which I did and got an appointment for 1:30 in the afternoon.

By the way all the ambulance people, nurses, aides were all great–the doctors not so!


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