This is looking up at the ceiling while having a CT done–one of the pleasant touches at the Memorial hospital.

As someone said–“You are the only one who can get a 5 posts out of a leg injury (if that is what it is!)” In any case going to do some rambling here and then drop the subject and get on to other things.

Have to give Allen a special thank you for all the running around he has been doing for me with this whole leg thing–and Wednesday he has to take me to see the vascular surgeon. Well I did allow him to squeeze in his heart doctor’s appointment tomorrow–see it isn’t all ME! ME! ME!

That turkey quinola vegetable soup is GOOD!

Something I have noticed lately, especially in the hospital, is that nurses are wearing HUGE watches–no, not the video, Internet kind, but just time telling watches.

 Where things stand now: my left leg is swollen and tender to the touch while the knee is very sensitive  and hurting—the right leg seems to have gone a bit down in the swelling department but is still swollen, red and seems bloated. Most, not all, of the black has disappeared from the toes. Right now there is a patch of blood showing through the bandage Jennifer put on Saturday and I am waiting for her to come over now (this is being written in afternoon so depending when I post this I may have more to add.) I, also, need her to help me wrap the leg so I can take a shower without getting the wound wet.

Along with bad news there is always good news and I forgot to mention that I got another royalty check last week for one of my old published books. I always get a laugh that they withhold tax from it. I, also, got a Social Security raise starting January 1 and I don’t know where to spend it first!! Oh yes one third goes to Gateway Terrace, and, along with the gift card I got for Christmas, I might be able to spend the rest on a sub at Subways!

The best news is that I lost 4 pounds since I have been home from the hospital–I knew it was the IV making me fat not the food!



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