In a movie about the excesses of Wall street brokers in the 1990s “the Wolf Of Wall Street” is excessive in all aspects starting with a movie that, running at 3 hours, could have easily been cut by an hour.  You will see at least 3-4 scenes more than you need to showing the excess of drugs whether cocaine, Quaaludes or whatever else is on hand. After one scene of fellatio it is almost quarantined that there will be  a dozen more. If you miss that full frontal nude scene–women only, of course–just wait a few minutes as there are so many repeats of the scene, using different women, over the three hours you aren’t really missing anything. Whether it be orgies of sex or luxury or curse words it almost makes the story meaningless. It does leave the question why a man who owns a 170 foot yacht wouldn’t own his own jet or at least rent one to go to Las Vegas but then the excessive orgy on the plane wouldn’thave the same outcome. It is one of the many missteps in this film.

“The Wolf Of Wall Street” is based on the book, and true story, by Jordan Belfort who made his fortune during the 1990s when the stock market made millionaires of many young men. Terence Winter wrote the screenplay and Martin Scorsese directed the film working with Leonardo DiCaprio for the fifth time.

DiCaprio plays his second rich man this year, after starring as Gatsby, but Jordan Belfort is more interested in himself than he is in a woman or women, though he has sex with many of them. He also has 2 slapstick scenes, one with Jonah Hill, that shows his comedic talent and he is much more relaxed in this film than he has been in awhile. This is one of his better performances though he too has excessive, unnecessary scenes and goes a little overboard here and there.

Jonah Hill, as Belfort’s best friend and business partner, gets too hammy here and there to raise the empathy of the audience to accept the fact that he is not a ‘bad’ person. Kyle Chandler plays the FBI man who doesn’t seem capable of a smile. The women in the film are there to play the wives, mothers, girlfriends and hookers. Would you accept Rob Reiner as DiCaprio’s father? He does  a good job as does Jean Dujardin, Jon Favreau and Jon Bernthal.

With “Magic Mike”, “Mud”, “Dallas Buyers Club” Matthew McConaughey adds the cherry to the top of his winning acting streak in “The Wolf Of Wall Street” playing Mark Hanna, a very successful Wall street broker who seems to have invented excessiveness. His role calls for him to be over the top and he takes it just far enough.

As in most Scorsese movies all the production values are first rate except for the editing in this one. It seems as if the director was rushed and the picture was being released before he finished his job. Whether he would have cut the movie and removed a lot of the excessive excessivenes, if not by an hour at least by 30 minutes, hopefully he will when it comes out on DVD or the viewer can fast forward through all the repetitions.


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