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I was so excited! I came home to find a box at my front door and immediately thought it was the missing mysterious carrot cake!! I carried it in carefully, put it on the table, got a knife and started opening the 12X12X12 box. It was filled with bubble wrap as any cake company would be sure to pack a cake secure. Taking off the wrap imagine my face falling to the floor when instead of finding carrot cake I found a bpox filled with gauze bandages, non-stick tape, gauze bandage roll and jars of sterile saline!

AS it happened my primary and vascular surgeon doctors arranged for me to have home care with a nurse coming to change my bandage X amount times a week. The first time she arrived she didn’t have any supplies and asked me what the hospital sent me home with. After my initial surprise at her question because I had no idea what she was talking about she explained they, or my doctors, were suppose to give me the ‘cleaning’ supplies. After calls back and forth to her office, my doctor’s office and my insurance it was finally agreed that I would be sent what was needed but exactly when they couldn’t say.

I have no idea, and don’t really want to know, what this box of supplies costs, especially after all those reports about what a hospital charges for an aspirin!! I do know there are enough supplies for a couple of months at least. Then what happens with those that are left over? In any case with teh first visit by the nurse luckily I had the supplies she needed–not as many, not the exact size but enough to take care of the job. I must admit she didn’t carry back-up supplies ‘just in case’ but then I started to think of all the supplies she would ahve to carry and realized that it would be impossible.

The leson I learned about Santa Claus is that he doesn’t always bring what you want but what you need! (Santa, I do NEED that carrot cake!!!! Are you sure you didn’t eaty it???)

Please make note of my email address if you want to keep in contact with me now or in the future GreatMartin2003@yahoo.com

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