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I have written a couple of posts about this amazing Christmas cactus that I have and it continues to blow my mind! I got it as a small plant at The Home Depot a number of years ago and for 2 years it bloomed pink flowers right around Christmas time. It was Christmas 2011 that not a single bloom appeared BUT in February, 2012, just in time for my 19th Leap Year birthday it bloomed with white and pink flowers. This year, once again, it fully bloomed right on schedule! How does it know the time? It is indoors, the temperature is always the same and I don’t do the ‘no lights’ thing.

It had really grown massive last year so when I was doing some repotting, and getting new plants, I decided to clip off a few branches (if that is what they are called) from the mother plant (First picture) and, without rhyme or reason, sticking a leaf here and a leaf there. When I woke up Christmas day I was surrounded with Christmas cactus blooms all over the living room. Some were white, some were pink, some consisted of one stem with one bud at the end while another had a few mixed blooms, and buds, in one pot.

It’s all absolutely amazing and makes me admire Mother Nature even more. How anyone can ever say they are bored and have nothing to do when she has laid out everyone’s world with such startling, irrational, happenings can be seen 24/7, is beyond my understanding. Heck even if you don’t have a green thumb she does–just look out your window.

My apartment is filled with plants ranging from Siam tulips–have you ever heard or seen them?–a begonia that has bloomed every month for 3 years now I think– Cuban flowers which I took twigs off a big bush and like the Christmas cactus I just stuck them into dirt in various pots and now every morning when I walk into the living room, bathroom or kitchen it looks like butterflies all over the place.

I have taken a corner of the walkway and planted various herbs to make a great tomato gravy plus a tall plant that someday I’ll learn the name of–my neighbor added a few plants and our walkway stands out.

I have always kept plants but since I had to give up my birds it has almost become an addiction. I can’t go into the Home Depot without walking out with a plant–or two. If I pass a hibiscus bush I take off a twig and stick it into a pot and due to Ana I started to grow Romaine lettuce!!

Need any Aloe??? I have about 16 pots of them. :O)

Right now I am mesmerized by the Christmas cactus and wondering when the last bloom will appear!



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