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We left the Quarterdeck and headed to I-95 not knowing what to expect but there was very little traffic and we zipped along. Getting off the interstate and going onto Biscayne Boulevard once again we were surprised at lack of traffic. There were 4-5 police cars near and around the Adrienne Arsht Center while usually there are only two. I mention this because of what we saw later!

The parking set up at the Center is such that the further away the parking lot the cheaper the price. They range from $8 for a lot two short blocks away and $25 for valet parking.

We got to the corner to cross the street and for the first time I can remember there wasn’t a policeman directing traffic. Granted both car and foot traffic, though steady, was as busy as usual.

We got into the Center which was all bright and “Christmassy” and standing there were the two people (picture 1) who make it possible for me to get great seats at Broadway touring shows. Charlotte is the PR for Bank of America and Charlie is the PA. You couldn’t meet two nicer people. Pictures 2, 3, 6 and 7 were the curtain calls (which I had permission to take as long as I didn’t use a flash!) In the future picture taking is going to be a problem in theatre because you see more and more people taking pictures–even during the show!–due to cell phone cameras.

We had a few minutes before the doors open so we sat around and dished the people! LOL IT is bad enough guys don’t wear jackets  anymore to the theatre but shorts and flip-flops?!?!? And some of the women weren’t any better with short shorts. The best dressed person we saw was a 10 (?) year old kid wearing a tie!

On the back of every seat in the auditorium was an invitation to come see the ‘snow’ fall in the lobby during intermission and attached to the card was a “Happy New Year” necklace. (See picture 4)

I have already reviewed the show, which you can read, and posted it here last week. It had a 7 PM start which was probably because of the New Year’s Eve parties people would be going to so we got out around 9:40. Walking to the parking lot we noticed a complete absence of police or police cars which I have never seen that happen before!

Once again we were surprised by the lack of traffic–that is until we hit the Hollywood exits where it was a bit heavier but when we got off at Broward Boulevard we almost hit a standstill. Obviously a lot of people were heading down to the Riverfront for the celebration, the ball dropping and the fireworks!

It was about 10:30 when Allen dropped me off at my place. I went upstairs, took off my clothes, got into my bathrobe and slippers, sat in my lounge chair with a small snack put on the TV and watched the ball drop in Times Square. Hey that’s what old folks do!!!

It was 2014 and I silently wished those I care about a great year and wished myself, in spite of a few medical problems, a year at least as good as 2013 because it wasa good year for me–I got up every morning!

Now on to 2014


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