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I can only blame &ILCs and her post the other day regarding her cats, Jet and Bob, and how of all their toys they love boxes of any size the best. Now I can’t look at a box without thinking of them! I have to figure out what can I do to get the new boxes I received to them. It seems a waste of boxes just to throw them out–mmmm–ILCs do you think Bob and/or Jet will get mad at me if I give the boxes to a couple of cats who live here at Gateway Terrace?

Oh let me tell you how I got those boxes! I bought a small red microwave last year at The Home Depot. It had to be a certain size as I have very little space shelf for one in the kitchen. As it is, the one I bought, fit right in the space I had for it. I didn’t have any problems as it worked easily. I was going to heat some Tilapia and stir fry that I had made in the afternoon to have for dinner that evening. I put the plate in the microwave, covered it, set the timer and then pushed the ‘start’ button. Nothing happened!!! I unplugged and replugged the plugs–still nothing! I changed the cord I had been using as the microwave wire didn’t quite reach the outlet. It had been working fine that way for the 10 years I have connected microwaves that way. Well if you read my posts or you will know why I instantly panicked!

What to do? I was hungry and the microwave wasn’t working!!! Oh yes, heat it in the oven–something I hadn’t done in years. I used the microwave to reheat foods! I solved that temporary problem but I knew it would probably be cheaper to buy a new one then have this one fixed which I mentioned in a post or email–I don’t remember–but the next thing I know Maria told me she was sending me one as an early birthday present! First of all I don’t celebrate birthdays in the in-between Leap Years, besides she had already sent me something!!

I won’t go into the problems we have had since she sent it but we still aren’t sure if I won’t be getting another one since the company she ordered through said it wouldn’t be delivered for another 2 weeks, yet here I had a shiny, new white one sitting in the exact same spot the red one was!!! Let’s see what happens with that before I write about that whole ‘adventure’.

In any case the microwave came in a box within a box with the outer box being huge–the picture doesn’t do it justice–and there was also the microwave box which was maybe half the size of the other one so I now have 2 big boxes for Bob and Jet to play with and in!!! Don’t know if the ‘million peanuts’ that came in both boxes is safe for cats but we aren’t taking any chances.

Well I have my new toy to play with and 2 lucky cats will be getting their toys to play with!


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