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As Matthew McConaughey turns from a nude bongo romantic comedy lead into a very respected Oscar nominated ‘serious’ actor Liam Neeson has gone from a serious actor to an action star and he continues in that mode with “Non-Stop”. With his hang dog, sad sack face you know within minutes of the film starting this man has had a rough time and along with fighting possible alcoholism he is fighting past demons.

Bill Marks (Neeson) is a Federal Air Marshall who within minutes of the plane he is on he gets a call on his cellphone demanding millions of dollars or every 20 minutes someone on the plane will be killed. Bill is being set up as the hijacker of the plane and the money and his boss, along with others in the government, suspect it is true.

The Marshall suspects everyone on the plane except an eight year old girl. Becca. (Quinn McColgan) that gives him a chance to show his tender side. We meet his seatmate Jan (Julianne Moore), flight attendants Nancy (Michelle Dockery) and Gwen (Lupita Nyong’o) along with a teacher, doctor, pilot and co-pilot, a New York policeman and as varied a crowd as you would find on any plane and Bill, along with the audience, try to figure out who is behind it all. You know a film is working when you suspect the child could be behind it all, if only for a minute.

As an action film “Non-Stop” fits all the requirements including a few, well many, illogical monents, fights, guilty party going from one suspect to another, fights, manufactured but effective suspense, fights, a possible past and future love story and, oh yes, did I mention fights?

Neeson does everything the questionable hero is expected to do and all the cast support him though the women are more or less wasted, especially Moore and Nyong’o, the latter given very little to say but shows off that Grace Jones hair style with class.

As Allen said while walking out “I’m exhausted,” being pulled into the film as most of the audience was. Many people stayed for the ending credits to see who played what role as many faces were familiar but not quite a name!

Director Jaume Collet-Serra keeps the action moving including a very believable 2 man fight in the plane’s restroom. The screenwriters John W. Richardson, Chris Roach and Ryan Engle keep the story going maintaining suspense, if not always logical, while the score by John Ottman almost unnoticeable adds to the tension.

For those who like action films this is a good one and even those who don’t (me) will enjoy it.


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