In “Ghost-The Musical”, which opened at the Broward Performing Arts Center in Fort Lauderdale last night, the amazing technology and very much alive projections, along with strobe lights, overwhelms the sweet classic love story adapted by, and from, Bruce Joel Rubin’s Oscar winning screenplay, Rubin also wrote the lyrics with music by Dave Stewart aside from the theme song “Unchained Melody” written by Hy Zurel and Alex North.
The story tells how Sam and Molly are separated by his being fatally shot and how he comes back to save Molly, with the help of a crooked psychic, after finding out he had been killed by his friend Carl.
Carla R. Stewart as the psychic Oda Mae Brown brings a lot of energy and fun to the stage. Steven Grant   Douglas as Sam has a strong voice and is very good in the physical action and reactions he has to play though in many cases he plays second fiddle to the technology.  Katie Postotnik as Molly has a sweet voice but is given two bland solos especially, “With You”, in the first act, that stops the show in its tracks. Robby Haltiwanger, as Carl, just as Fernando Contreras as Willie, the killer, and Brandon Curry as a subway ghost lose their time on stage to the technical display and a sound system that worked against the actors and theensemble.
It is only Carla R. Stewart who stands out over the strobe lights, technology and projections that are too often and too many.
There were a couple of first night miscues regarding lights and ghosts but no matter what it taking place on stage with special effects that love story comes through.
“Ghost–the Musical” is 2 hours and 30 minutes including a 20 minute intermission.

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