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One thing about life is that whether up or down it is interesting. On Tuesday at 6 PM April 29, 2014, I was having a blah dinner in a new restaurant in downtown Fort Lauderdale called the “Public House” (which I will review this weekend) and two hours later was seating in the Broward Performing Arts Center watching the stage musical of the movie version of “Ghost” which I posted the review yesterday–April 30, 2014–at 8 AM.

Three hours later I was in the pre-op room of my eye surgeon for cataract surgery and it wasn’t until 2:40 PM that I was finally wheeled in to the operating room to have the cataract surgery done on my left eye. It was only 9 months (yes it was cataract surgery–I wasn’t giving birth! LOL)

At 4 PM I was at the IHOP having a cheese omelet with a short stack of pancakes–and all this took place within twenty fours. It is now 10:15 AM and I wait patiently—well not too patiently–as I wait for my 1 PM appointment to have the ‘plastic’ (yeah, no romantic pirate black patch!) taken off and which I will only habe to wear for week and only when I sleep.

Cataract surgery is one of the easiest procedures I have ever been through and I suggest anyone who is faced with the possibility–and we all get cataracts as we age–to not hesitate and have it done. I do know that my right eye improved tremendously and I am looking forward to the same the same thing with the left eye.

After the doctor’s appointment it will be on with my normal Thursday—Allen and I will go to lunch then The Dollar Tree followed by my food shopping for the week at Winn Dixie, then CVS and back home to catch up on my email and bubbling.

Tomorrow it will probably be the new Spiderman movie unless we can find something else to see and lunch afterwards.



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