At one time is seemed there was an Italian restaurant on every other block in Fort Lauderdale but now with chains and franchises it seems they are on every block– and I have tried them all. My favorites (and I have written reviews on both) are the Casa Vico for elegant Italian food and Big Louie’s for that eating at home food and feelings.

Carrabba’s is not poor and not excellent but indistinct from hundreds of other Italian restaurant.
Allen had the lunch fettuccini with shrimp, mushrooms and garlic ($11.90) and had a side salad ($2 more) along with a diet soda ($2.75). I had the lunch lasagna in a meat sauce ($8.90) a side salad with crumbled blue cheese as they didn’t have a bc dressing ($3.50 without the server telling me of the extra $1.50 for the blue cheese–which is a charge I haven’t faced in 30 years) and a cup of coffee for $2.75 We were also given a generic Italian bread with a dish of oil and what would looked like capers for dipping.

The restaurant has been completely redone since it was a Bobby Rubino’s years ago and another restaurant since then. It is done all in dark browns and black, has an open kitchen in the rear, a bar with high top tables on the right and tables on booths on the right.
The server made a couple of mistakes with one being not telling about the extra charge for the blue cheese crumbles another with a mistake on the check.

With tip and tax the check came to $40.

The restaurant reminded me of a steakhouse while the food didn’t make me want to come back.

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