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I got a new crock pot—thanks bubblews–this week and having never used one I am ready to give it a try! Here goes:

Okay—I have chicken quarters–2 large carrots–a very large onion–a can of Healthy Choice (I just love looking at that lying label!!!) chicken with rice soup–cup of noodles–Progresso chicken tortilla soup–onion and garlic pistachio mix–rice—going to throw them all in the crock pot (but I do/will remove the skin from the chicken–don’t need the EXTRA fat), I put it on low last night just as I was going to sleep and I woke up this morning to a great smell coming from the kitchen! It was done and looked great. Surprisingly to me I didn’t even taste any. I drained most of the grease off, will let it cool off and then put it in fridge.

It being Friday Allen and I will be going to the movies–new Woody Allen (he acting) directed and co-starring John Turturro (see review this evening–
in “Fading Gigolo”) have lunch, come home around 4 or 5, relax, put the crock pot on warm and around 8 PM sit down, make a salad, put some of the chicken on a plate, add some of ‘soup’ over it and see how my first crock pot meal tastes!!

Any recipe suggestions for me to try?

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